Tuesday, September 26, 2006

bangalore's rock Gurus!

THURSDAY BOOZE & BRAINS: hosted by MARK REGO with DJ VINAY on the console brought to you by PartySmart
the winning table gets all its food and booze on the house.
labelled by BBC as the best pub quiz in the country. This week we introduce an audio round.

ABANDONFRIDAY: 29th Sept - Galeej Gurus live in concert
naveen thomas: guitar, mathew harris: bass, arfaaz: drums, anath menon, vocals & guitar, nathan harris: vocals
The Galeej Gurus are a band of reincarnated souls, brought together on this journey through life, all fluent in the same universal language of Music. Their fresh sound has made many people sit up and take notice; and has resulted in widespread recognition and a string of awards from across the country.
The Galeej Gurus see themselves as a band that enjoys inculcating the sounds that they were brought up on, all the while remaining open to the possibility of experimenting with new ideas.

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER .. Retro DJ Dance Nights .. with DJ MISHA
with some super retro remixes ... put on your dancing shoes!!SUNSHINE SUNDAYS buffet @ rs. 275/khao suey... pasta... dosas... & JAM
sunday afternoons will now host musicians that want to play together ...
so if its classic rock, or country or jazz or blues (no metal please) that u play call shonali on 9845244610 for more details

WEDNESDAY Castle KroaKnight with MARK
SUNDAY Castle KroaKnight with CARLTON

the kroaKing LIVE concert was was simply mind blowing. on popular demand the show will be repeated on the 4th OCT. pls reserve your tables or dont cry about it later.
there are a few pics up and vivek's written about it

For Reservations Call 080-23442580.
more details http://opusbangalore.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

where is dj rd playing these days? havent seen him playing in opus for quite some time... he plays excellent music and hes HOT too....

Anonymous said...

hey opus you guys never reply... even we wanna know when rd will be on if he ever will be :( ...we really miss him and like anonymous said HE IS HOTTTTTTT.. at least tell us wher he now plays cause you arent being fair otherwise, puhleeese.... oh and anonymous get into line hehe theres already three of us at last count :).

ANDY said...

Hey I attended the ROCK IDOLS show on 20th of Jan at hyderabad and was really impressed by Galeej gurus .They are just awesome.
They recoked the show and also there was another band SYNAPS and even they were pretty GOOD.



Anonymous said...

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