Wednesday, November 30, 2005

your HOOK this weekend

thursday: COMEDY NIGHTS - feat PREETAM
one of south india's most talented young stand up comedians. Brought to you in association with bangalore habba.
Entry Rs 99/-

saturday night live: HOOK
shankarshan kini: guitar/violin, prakash kn: guitar, samira mohammed: vocals
hook is influenced by blues, jazz, rock & indian classical music. They will play a few of their own compositions besides artists like dave mathews, ani difranco, bonnie raitt.
Entry Rs 99/-

Monday, November 21, 2005

jim jeffries... live at opus

Press Reviews
Jim played Jongleurs, Glasgow a couple of weekends ago and the guy absolutely killed all three nights. Amazing set and had the audience in tears with his closing poem, "Turned, Smiled and Giggled.” Forget Shakespearean sonnets, forget Sylvia Plath or Emily Dickenson. This guy is a genius when it comes to poetry.
Edinburgh Comedy review

He is the best comic going around and a really good guy. It’s good to see a comic say something and not try to be like Bill Hicks. If you get upset by what he has to say, you are probably an idiot. Unreal material, I have never laughed so hard.
Lee Pennock Critic

This guy is awesomely funny. I saw him last night and honestly came close to choking from laughing so hard. It wasn't even his show; he was the compere and he still made me laugh like I've hardly ever laughed before. He is a dirty comedian, there is no disguising that, but he carries it off so well. He is offensive without actually offending anyone. A very talented and very funny young man.
Chloe London Standard

Saw him at Manchester Comedy Store; gets away with material that is beyond offensive, but that’s an endorsement of how well it's delivered. Short set but the funniest guy I've seen for months.
Rick 09.08.04

I recently saw Jim Jeffries at the Comedy Store in Manchester. He is a great comedian and was the funniest of the lot. He made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Don't get hung up on the sex; that's only part of it. He is very witty, astute and distinctly audible.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

korporate kroaknights

korporate kroaknights:
•An open competition – age/sex no bar
•Language - English
•Contest conducted and judged by the Opus team
•Exciting prizes to be won at all levels
•Mega prize of an overseas holiday

elimination round:
•At your cafĂ©/amphitheatre/terrace
•open to all employees in the orginisation
•Preferably a Friday evening 4pm-7pm
•We bring in the equipment and roll
•The top 3 are selected to represent your company at the inter corporate level conducted at opus
•Session duration – 3 hours

Publicity for the contest :
1 week-10 days proir to the event we will create hungama through
•eDMs – Internal Company mailers
•Posters – to be put up in the various offices

For the best vocalist & best showman
•Dinner coupons from Opus
•Exciting Prizes from various lifestyle stores/products
•Top 3 winners qualify for the Inter Corporate KroaKNIGHT conducted at Opus

The finals :
Inter corporate level kroaknight contest will be conducted at Opus with all participating corporates contesting against each other for the mega prize.

Give your employees a great time and the chance to win some fabulous prizes!!!

Christmas....and all that jazz

its that time of the year again !!!
... when i have to abandon my vests and shorts and wear horrid musty smelling woolies ...
... when i have a constant blocked nose ... when my feet look really hideous ... actually thats not true ... it looks like that all the year round (though its nice that there's an entire season to blame it on)
but most importantly .. CHRISTMAS is coming !! its mistletoe and magic and marzipans and merriment and of course ... music!!!
its also a big big time for opus cos we opened 2 years ago with a festival called the 8 days of Christmas. we were young then and didnt know the ways of the world... (read running a restaurant), didnt have a liqour license (whats xmas without liquor, i say) but we managed to pull it off nonetheless...
last year, 2004, was bigger and better .. with a goan flea market, some great xmas goodies, and some of bangalores best musical talent ... choirs, bands, kissmass kroaknights, stand up comedy, pantomimes .. it was really special
we are in the process of figuring out what this year is gonna be like ..
the 8 days of christmas are from the 17th to the 24th of december ... not to leave anything to speculation, the theme this year will be christmas :D
so if there is anyone who would want to be part of it in any shape or form (talent, elves, sponsors)pls call/mail me..
a part of what we collect will go towards charity.


Friday, November 11, 2005

Thursday, November 10, 2005

get up...STAND UP

a mix of gags, parodies, stand up, videos, knock-knock jokes...
if u think u have it in you call / mail

fri nite: dj carlton
a classic mix of swing, rock n roll, retro and dance favorites.

saturday night live: C STREET BAND
domnic: sax, max: guitar/vocals, lester: bass. avinash: keys, victor: drums
swing, latin jazz, rock n roll.

wed & sun: KroaKnights
the biggest and the best karaoke nights in the city. pit yourself against the best voices in the city, and choose from over 7000 songs.
wed: if u wanna get more than one song in, or if u're the slightly inhibited sort
sun: is for the stars!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Sat Nite Live- 5th Nov,05

Wishing everyone Id Mubarak!

Sat nite Live: 'ASH
ASH is a experienced band covering Jazz , Rock , Pop , Standards , Dance and Nightclub music spanning six decades...

ERIC CASEY -Drums , Percussion , Vocals
CLIFTON ADRIAN- Guitars , Vocals
DENZIL BENTLEY -Trumpet , Vocals
PRASAANTH DAVIDSON- Bass , Guitars , Vocals
NOEL D’GAMA -Vocals , Guitars , Bass
Entry Rs 99/-

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

HAPPY DIWALI ... cracker of a week this!

wed & sun: KroaKnights
the biggest and the best karaoke nights in the city. pit yourself against the best voices in the city.
wed 2nd, will be a diwali special ... with some phatakas both on and off stage

sunday afternoons,
lazing on the mattresses, under swaying palms with some great spanish music brought to you by dj bipin
dress cool, dress colourful

mon & tues: rock bottom nights
beer pints at Rs 39/-, rock bottom prices on select alcohol, special rates on rocking starters, along with some great classic 70's rock bands, all under the stars!

fri nite: guest dj robbie banner
a classic mix of swing, rock n roll, retro and dance favorites.

For Reservation Call 9844030198/9845244610

ps: thursdays are gonna be comedy nights with amateur stand up acts and some all time great videos. will keep u posted.
if u want to be part of the action pls call / mail

opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week