Wednesday, November 16, 2005

korporate kroaknights

korporate kroaknights:
•An open competition – age/sex no bar
•Language - English
•Contest conducted and judged by the Opus team
•Exciting prizes to be won at all levels
•Mega prize of an overseas holiday

elimination round:
•At your café/amphitheatre/terrace
•open to all employees in the orginisation
•Preferably a Friday evening 4pm-7pm
•We bring in the equipment and roll
•The top 3 are selected to represent your company at the inter corporate level conducted at opus
•Session duration – 3 hours

Publicity for the contest :
1 week-10 days proir to the event we will create hungama through
•eDMs – Internal Company mailers
•Posters – to be put up in the various offices

For the best vocalist & best showman
•Dinner coupons from Opus
•Exciting Prizes from various lifestyle stores/products
•Top 3 winners qualify for the Inter Corporate KroaKNIGHT conducted at Opus

The finals :
Inter corporate level kroaknight contest will be conducted at Opus with all participating corporates contesting against each other for the mega prize.

Give your employees a great time and the chance to win some fabulous prizes!!!

opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week