Monday, November 21, 2005

jim jeffries... live at opus

Press Reviews
Jim played Jongleurs, Glasgow a couple of weekends ago and the guy absolutely killed all three nights. Amazing set and had the audience in tears with his closing poem, "Turned, Smiled and Giggled.” Forget Shakespearean sonnets, forget Sylvia Plath or Emily Dickenson. This guy is a genius when it comes to poetry.
Edinburgh Comedy review

He is the best comic going around and a really good guy. It’s good to see a comic say something and not try to be like Bill Hicks. If you get upset by what he has to say, you are probably an idiot. Unreal material, I have never laughed so hard.
Lee Pennock Critic

This guy is awesomely funny. I saw him last night and honestly came close to choking from laughing so hard. It wasn't even his show; he was the compere and he still made me laugh like I've hardly ever laughed before. He is a dirty comedian, there is no disguising that, but he carries it off so well. He is offensive without actually offending anyone. A very talented and very funny young man.
Chloe London Standard

Saw him at Manchester Comedy Store; gets away with material that is beyond offensive, but that’s an endorsement of how well it's delivered. Short set but the funniest guy I've seen for months.
Rick 09.08.04

I recently saw Jim Jeffries at the Comedy Store in Manchester. He is a great comedian and was the funniest of the lot. He made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Don't get hung up on the sex; that's only part of it. He is very witty, astute and distinctly audible.

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