Wednesday, December 13, 2006


15th- Friday: Lounge Piranha
george mathen: drums, rohan ramesh: bass, kamal singh: guitar & vocals, abhijeet tambe: guitar & vocals
16th - Saturday: Avril Quadros
avril quadros with karan joseph on keys
17th -Sunday AFTERNOON: JAMPOT feat. Peter Issac & his band
17th - Sunday: Kissmass Kroaknight- special edition of christmas karaoke
18th- Monday: Anushka Manchanda
vivek menzel: drums, alwyn fernandes: guitar, karan joseph: keys, prashaant davidson: bass
19th- Tuesday: Higher Iyer Show- Stand up Comedy act
Kartik Iyer FEAT. Rajeev Ravindranathan
20th -Wednesday: Maximum Pudding / Galeej Gurus
Maximum pudding abhibass koffee: bass, fuzzy: drums, jugular beans: keys,
Galeej Gurus nathan harris- vocals, mathew harris: bass guitar, naveen thomas: guitar, anantha krishnan: guitar, arfaaz: drums
21st- Thursday: special edition of MARK REGO's Booze & Brains
with DJ vinay on the console
22nd - Friday: Megha
Dr Suma Sudhindra Ensemble - dr suma sudhindra: veena, sri. b.c. manjunath: mridangam, m.a. krishnamurthy: ghatam & tabla, b.k. chandramouli: kanjira & mridangam: s.n. narayanamurthy: ghatam
Gerard Machado Network- gerard machado: guitar, k .n prakash: bass, tilu: drums
23rd- Saturday AFTERNOON: Children's Christmas Party
23rd- Saturday: Remix Rajas - DJ TT & Barry
24th Sunday AFTERNOON: Jampot
24th Sunday Night: Usha Uthup
25th Monday Afternoon: Christmas Lunch
25th Monday Evening: Xmas Bash- Carlton & friends
karan joseph: keys, alwyn fernandes: guitar
31st Sunday Night: New Year Bash

THE 8 PLUS DAYS OF CHRISTMAS … celebrating 3 years of OPUSsing!
(written by vivek madan)

Lounge Piranha 15TH DEC
– Original Lyrics. Original Ideas. Original Sounds.
A Bangalore band formed in 2004, it has hit the local music scene with a unique sound which can only be called it's own. Lounge Piranha creates a space while playing - a space for you to close your eyes or get up and jump into yourself.
And if you’ve seen their website you’ll know exactly what we mean when we say that this group is slowly going crazier by the minute. And with good reason. These guys have performed at some of the hottest spots in Bangalore and opened for the VH1 Rock Rules Concert at Palace Ground. Lounge Piranha is slowly but surely, swimming its way to the top of the food chain. Fitting that they should open the season at Opus.
PS - Try and become their new, outstanding fan of the season! Log on to

Avril Quadros 16TH DEC
Most parents would begin listing their childrens achievements with accounts of their first steps or when they began to talk. No so with Avrils parents. They swear that Avril sang before she could even talk. And when you watch her on stage or even just hear her voice, you can well believe it.
Avril Quadros, Bombay born but settled in Bangalore, is a class act all by herself. Having trained in Western and Indian Classical music, Avril can set a crowd rocking with Hindi, Punjabi, English or even Spanish. They don’t need to understand the lyrics, Avril portrays a song with an ease and an energy that is breathtakingly captivating. The message comes through - You’re watching a Star!
Avril is currently embarking on her biggest and most exciting project so far - her own Hindi Rock album. This album, one of the first of its genre to ever be produced, is sure to have music for to suit everyones tastes.
Avril is a one of a kind artist. Not only can she sing, but she can truly bring her performances alive. Once you watch her, songs that may have heard before acquire a new flavour and songs you haven’t heard before…well… brace yourself!!!

Jampot 17th and 24th DEC
3 years ago, when Opus was a tiny octopus floating in a sea of Sunnys, Spinns and Cosmos, a bunch of guys would just sit around and sing their favourite songs, to the guitar or to the piano or to nothing. There was nobody else there so what the hell?
Now, this same bunch of guys has been supplemented by musicians of such caliber it is hard to imagine that what started as time pass some years ago is now a raging concept that draws musicians and audiences alike, in hordes.
It’s like a BYOI party. And if you don’t bring an instrument, you’re more than welcome to just sit and watch and listen as creativity flows and music is literally, breathed into life. Sunday Jam, not endorsed by Rahul Dravid, yet.

All Star Kroaknight 17th DEC
Ever wonder about what connects Mark Swaroop, Jacob Ninan, Anoopa Anand, Bharat Krishna, Kartik Iyer, Namrata Sudhindra, Carlton Braganza to Doobie Brothers, Michael Buble, John Lennon, Judas Priest, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Shaggy, Khaled, Ilayaraja, Rahman, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, and tons of other stars?
Kroaknights have been covered by star news, cnn ibn, times now, rave magazine, and tons of other publications … if you’ve been there you’ll know why.
Xmas Special Kroaknight. A tribute to all those who make Sunday night special!

Anushka Manchanda 18TH DEC
Another firebrand of a performer, Anushka was discovered in a talent hunt held all over India. She was chosen as a member of the band Viva that was formed from the reality television show Popstars.
But what really sets her apart is the sheer ‘feel’ she brings to her live performances. Completely oblivious to the outside world (except when she talks to the audience, which she does a lot, much to their delight). Anushka loses herself to the music around her. She takes on so many different characters, you have no choice but to think that she was born right there, on that stage, to perfoem for you. When you watch Anushka on stage, you feel like she’s talking to you. And she will be talking to you at Opus.

The Higher Iyer Show 19TH DEC
Kartik Iyer FEAT. Rajeev Ravindranathan
Two of Bangalore’s funniest actors. with a host of other guest stars as well ...
If you want better humour than that. If you want to see people being made fun of. If you want to hear Tamil rap. Or if you just want to sit back and enjoy yourself while Kartik and Rajeev take you on a thunderous wave of laughter, make your way to the Higher Iyer Show! (Watch out, they spit.)

Galeej Gurus / Maximum Pudding 20TH DEC
Maximum Pudding
Their music is quite something to look forward to. With a great line up that is unique in its ability to share band members with other groups; a couple of members currently play with other groups, Maximum Pudding exhibits and eclectic range, belting out psychedelia and funk as easily as jazz.
The Galeej Gurus has seen many avatars over the years and have been constantly working on improving themselves as a group as well as a band.
Their latest line up has Nathan Harris occupying the post of frontman being backed by the able quartet of naveen, Matthew, Ananth and the newly-installed Arfaaz, they are one of the few college bands that has not succumbed to the pressures of a career and stayed true to their passion while continuing to sweat at the grindstone.
Galeej Gurus; while the name still reeks of typical Christ College Humour, the band itself has left their college days far behind, emerging as a progressive, energetic groups whose original compositions, emotional live performances, and hunger to reach new audiences truly set them apart from the rest of the herd.

Booze and Brains 21ST DEC
Mark Rego! Known city wide as the most wanted MC, Mark Rego is that perfect entertainer. A great sense of humour, a youthful, mischievous energy and 2 earrings coupled with weirdly coloured hair. Who could not love the guy?
This concept of his, Booze and Brains combines two of his (and indeed, most of the city’s) favourite activities – Drinking and showing off.
If you know how many reindeer Santa has pulling his sledge or if you know what ‘Anno Domini’ means, then this is your night. I, for one, avoid it! ;-)

Megha 22ND DEC
Dr Suma Sudhindra with her carnatic ensemble along with Gerard Machado with his jazz ensemble together form "MEGHA" which means " THE CLOUDS"Megha has performed in many concerts across the country. their ensemble consists of-carnatic ensemble:dr suma sudhindra: veena, sri b.c manjunath: percussions, m.a krishnamurthy: tabla & ghatam, b . k chandramouli: kanjira & mridangam, s.n narayanamurthy: ghatam.jazz ensemble: gerard machado: guitar, prakash: bass, yogendra tillu hule: drums, freddie; keys.
Dr SUMA SUDHlNDRA is one of the most acclaimed veena exponents of the country. Known for her melodic rendition on the veena one observes in her music the brilliant blend of traditional purity and artistic novelty. She is also known for her intelligent adherence to the classical tradition and innovative experimentation. With a proven track of success at home and abroad she can carry with her the common music lover and the connoisseurs into the merry world of melody with unattached composure.Sri. B.C Manjunath is one of the most popular percussionists of Karnataka. His mastery over the mridangam, precision in rendering and elevating the music to heights of rhythmic sensation is surpassed and his name is synonymous with laya.M.A. KRISHNAMURTHY is undoubtedly the most accomplished tabla and ghatam player. At ease with two musical instruments, he is a master, a sensitive performer, a versatile musician, a dexterous instrumentalist and a man of few words.
B.K. CHANDRAMOULI is a prided student of Shri Palghat Raghu,whose talents range with his expertise on the kanjira and mridangam. He is also the most widely acclaimed performer on the konekol a traditional rendering of rhythmic expression.S. N. Narayanamurthy is a very well known ghatam player is accompanied all the leading artists of Karnataka.
GERARD MACHADO affectionately called Jerry by his large fan club is a talented and devoted guitar player. His control over the instrument and the ease with which he plays is truly breathtaking. Leading the jazz side of MEGHA his expertise as a musician, a guitarist and a group performer is a rare combination THE JAZZ ENSEMBLE

DJ TT and Barry 23RD DEC
Two of the biggest remixers in Bangalore. DJ TT and Barry, are set to rock the night at Opus with every permutation and combination of songs you could dream of, and then some.
DJ TT started playing in 1998 and hasn’t looked back since. Having played virtually all over India, TT has won the times music war of the djs three times and was very recently, crowned ‘Remix Raja’ in Radiocity’s city wide talent hunt.
Bharat Krishna, or barry is your typical IIT graduated, bespectacled, techie. NOT!!! The man has a phenomenal knowledge of music and its intricacies. He has been known to merge Hindi, English, Arabic and tamil songs to create his own, unique mix that is breathtaking for its sheer simplicity and originality. No wonder he came second at the KroaKing Contest at Opus.

Together, they are going to be mad!

Usha Uthup 24TH DEC
Usha Uthup or Didi as she is fondly referred to, is the only artist to have recorded six albums in English with HMV/EMI.
Although Usha had never learnt music formally, her passion for music was present right from the moment she uttered her first words!
Persistence and conviction drove Usha to pursue a professional singing career in 1969. This move later went on to prove vital in removing the stigma attached to singing in night clubs in India.
Today she sings in more than thirteen Indian and eight foreign languages. This is an achievement by itself.
If there is a legend bridging the East and the West, it is Usha. With her music and charm, she has transcended the barriers of caste, creed, language and nationality. Accolades have come from all over the world and she has sung for Prime Ministers and Presidents alike. Indira Gandhi, Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Arap Moi and more recently Nelson Mandela have all been her ardent admirers. Her endearing charm and powerful vocal chords have given Usha fans of all ages, from all over the country.
With her trademark passion and a speed of delivery that would wear out wannabes a third her age, Usha has just completed a brand new studio album and is all set to release it during the course of the year. A gift her fans eagerly await. The original Diva of Indian pop music celebrates threedecades in the entertainment business, and while her contemporaries might be thinking of gentle retirement, Usha will be back in the thick of what she does best - singing.

Carlton Braganza 25TH DEC
CeeBee, Brazanga, Bragz, these are all many names for the same person. And as his many names suggest, he is many things to many people. Many people hate him, many people swear by him and his voice. Many times, people don’t quite understand him and his many many looks and hair-dos, and many times, they want to throw many things at him. Many, many, many, many. If I’ve used many, many times in the paragraph, because there is no other way to describe the talents of Carlton Braganza. They are simply many.
And there’s no one quite like him to wish all of you at Opus a ‘Many Christmas’. Ladies and Gentlemen, the multifaceted, supremely talented (and pity he knows it!) Carlton Braganza

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Miss Frangipani said...

Hey CB

How about a gig in Goa sometime? :)


Anonymous said...

its Piranha not PiranhaS -

Anonymous said...

Rego dude you got the Tabasco wrong in 21 Dec quiz! :(

Tabasco is the trademarked brand name for a hot pepper sauce that is a well-known table condiment. It is made by McIlhenny Company of Avery Island, Louisiana, from tabasco peppers (Capsicum frutescens var. tabasco), vinegar, and salt, and aged in white oak barrels for three years. (The word "tabasco" is rendered in lowercase when referring to the botanical variety, but in uppercase, "Tabasco," when referring to the actual trademarked brandname.) There are many other kinds of "hot pepper sauce" on the market, most of them similar to Tabasco, but Tabasco is by far the most famous. Although it is produced in the United States, it acquired its name from the state of Tabasco in Mexico. It has a hot, spicy flavor and is popular in many parts of the world.

Anonymous said...

Rego dude, you also got the Rock Salmon wrong in 21Dec quiz! :(

Rock Salmon is the flesh of the dogfish, wolffish or catfish, also known as hass/huss. Renamed by marketeers to make the fish more appealing to consumers.

Also, the dogfish is not poisonous. It's a bloody small shark.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this Rego dude sounds like an ignoramus. Research your questions better, buddy. Or you'll look like an ass in front of people who know better. :|

- Sachin

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