Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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14th March: Nokia Kroaking Season 2 continues....
hosted by mark swaroop. the first 3 spaces have been taken. 21 left to be filled up.
1. jacob ninan 2. tania jones 3. keerthana mohan

aaah ... and one more reason to take part ... top 12 get a studio recording session with my good buddy and genius Sharmon who's agreed to do it again this year for us ... there are still copies of that memorable CD of last year, that u can pick up at opus. have uploaded most of them.
for you to have a listen, for rules/ prizes (some more have been added on), competition hype, anoopa's tips / jottings go to OPUS or KroaKnights or to the kroaknight community on orkut
Wed 14th March: Australia Vs Scotland- Gr A, Kenya Vs Canada- Gr C, 7.00pm

THURSDAY Blenders Pride BOOZE & BRAINS: hosted by MARK REGO with DJ VINAY
rated by the BBC as indias best pub quiz
Thur 15th March:Srilanka Vs Bermuda- Gr B, Zimbabwe Vs Ireland-Gr D,7.00pm

16th March : ABANDONFRIDAY Dance night with DJ Misha
Fri 16th March: England Vs New Zealand- Gr C, South Africa Vs The Netherlands-Gr A,7.00pm
17th march: FLING SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER .. with Carlton doing a mix of singing and playing some of his fav dance tunes
Sat 17th March: India Vs Bangladesh- Gr B, Pakistan Vs Ireland-Gr D, 7.00pm

sundays afternoons with live pasta, khao suey and dosa counters, chilled music, some great cocktails and some kingfisher to add to the 'good times'.

Sun KroaKnight with Carlton
Sun 18th March: Australia Vs Netherlands- Gr A , England Vs Canada-Gr C, 7.00pm

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