Wednesday, July 25, 2007

supercalifuzzisomethingexpialiopus !!!

28th July: 8pm sharp, Saturday Night Live: RSJ PubRockFest .....

Something Relevant (Mumbai), is a 'jamband' consisting of an eclectic eight member ensemble including a percussionist, a nylon string guitarist, a saxophonist and Western classical pianist. STR's music is an amalgamation of a variety of musical styles, from jazz and R&B to hip-hop and heavy metal. This infusion has evolved into STR's "sound". For a lack of classification, STR calls themselves a 'jamband'. The band thrives on live shows. "We play for the audience, we connect with them. Its essential" says Stuart, the bassist.

Superfuzz (Delhi), formerly known as The Superfuzz Bigmuff, came about in September ’04. The band went on to be judged 1st runners up in IIT, Delhi and BITS, Pilani and were declared winners of the Campus Rock Idols 2005. The band with strong originals only repertoire and crafty yet crude sounding compositions has generated enough buzz in the Delhi circuit for a while. Winners of the Great Indian Rock 2006 festival. Their song “What I Really Think” has been selected for the GIR compilation. Winners of Utopia ’06 at SPA

ABANDONFRIDAY, 27th july, 9.00pm A Musical Busride through the Sixties and Seventies
featuring Neecia Majolly, Nikhil George, Ajit Saldhana, Carlton Braganza, Priya, Natty, Geoffrey Kirk, Sulaiman Jamal and the Gnanakans

a musical presentation featuring pop classics from the 60s and 70s and trace various influences on the music and the musicians. Vietnam War, US Civil Rights movement, Hippie and drug Culture, Rock culture and these movements.
Enjoy some favorites of the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, Credence Clearwater Revival, Crosby, Sills and Nash.
Produced by Ken Gnanakan and anchored by Santosh "Saggy" Gnanakan

it's a BYOI (bring your own instruments) afternoons ..
with live pasta, khao suey and dosa counters, some great cocktails and some kingfisher to add to the 'good times'.
.. and if u are an artist or a band that wants to be featured .. pls call shonali on 9845244610.
for updated jampot pics go here

Wed: with mark swaroop
Sun : with CB ..
"The biggest, loudest, wildest party" - is not the best description. Kroaknights at Opus is more than that.... more than a description.... its an experience; hosted by Mark "its becoz i'm black innit" Swaroop and Carlton "slim yet powerful" Braganza . Come over, choose a track from a database of 7500 songs, chill out with some awesome cocktails, authentic goan food, and not to forget some of the best and worst voices in the city/state/country/planet!!! See ya there!!!
(jacob ninan's copywrite)
some awesome pictures are up of the finale and you can listen to some of the songs from the CD here
- this a a popular quiz night where winners get all their booze free for the night.
Rated by the BBC as indias best pub quiz. A heady combination of booze & brains!!! try it to find out... No entry charges.


R S said...

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, actually.

ceebee said...

hahahaha .. thanks rs
but there's a band 'superfuzz' and 'something' relevant playing at 'opus'
creative license and all that rock n roll

opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week