Wednesday, October 24, 2007

looney tunes

sunday was truly the highpoint of opus' existence ... don't think anything has, or will match the magic of that evening ... check out pre show pics here and the gig pics here ... hopefully (for those who missed it) we'll have some video clips to upload shortly

8.00pm, 26th oct: FULL ON LUNACY ...full moon madness (feat. sandy gandhi & john samaha)
proving the myth that there is a strong correlation between the full moon and madness (the term lunacy is derived from Luna, the roman moon goddess)
a stand up act by 2 of australias looniest bins sandy gandhi & john samaha (screen actor and regular performers on australia's comedy circuit) followed by the lunatics carlton & karan in a night of full on madness. more pics / info go here

Nokia KroaKnight (in association with Bacardi)
Wed: with mark swaroop
Sun: with carlton

Thursday Signature BOOZE AND BRAINS (starts at 9pm sharp)Hosted by Mark Rego & DJ Vinay, this a a popular quiz night where winners get all their booze free for the night. Rated by the BBC as indias best pub quiz... No entry charges.

9pm, 27th oct : SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER with DJ ANGIE
in a kick-ass dance set covering dance anthems from the 70's till today

1pm, 28th oct onwards, every sunday we have the legendary SHYAM followed by JAMPOT
it's a BYOI (bring your own instruments) afternoon .. with a buffet of khao suey, dosas and pastas, awesome cocktails and some kingfisher to add to the 'good times'.
.. and if u are an artist or a band that wants to be featured .. pls call shonali on 9845244610.
for updated jampot pics go here

29th oct: STORMY MONDAYS with C-Street Band
a night thats already becoming very popular, a night that features a blues band live every monday night
lester-bass, max-guitar/vocals, denzil- trumpet, dominic-sax, mike - drums.

For Reservations Call 080-23442580. go here for more details about OPUS ... and if u are on Orkut or Facebook there's an opus and a kroaknight community ...

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opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week