Monday, December 31, 2007

magic 8 balls to you!

it's that time of the year that i get all senti (and mental) so i thought i'd share with you a little story
about 4 years ago a young, shy boy used to drag his father along and come to opus at every little opportunity he got.
when everyone had left (which was all of 3 and a half people at the time) he would open up the lid of the piano and have a go.
word spread and people started staying back (those were the good old days when driving was not a bad word, and nights stretched elastically way beyond 11.30) to watch this boy wonder.
every night became a singalong (we had even printed songbooks), a jam, with more and more musicians and people coming in, singing and playing along.
every saturday night the 2 of us did a set (those were the days we couldn't afford fancy musicians and bands .... who am i trying to fool?? we still can't!) and he developed quite a following.
from opus he moved on to bigger, better and more voluptuous things.
to cut a long story short, mr. karan joseph, very soon became bangalore's most wanted keyboardist. he applied (and got in, obviously) to THE college music and leaves for berklee in a couple of days.
in what will probably be his last opus gig for a while (that's if he decides to come back ... i don't think he would, considering his affinity for blondes) we bid farewell to him tonight.
few tickets i think are still available (not at the same rates though .. 'u snooze u lose' kinda thingee)
For details call: 9845244610/ 9844030198
and here's wishing u a very special and magical 2008!!
few copies of the opus christmas CD are still available.
for pics of the 8 days of christmas go here

9.00pm,4th jan: ABANDONFRIDAY: "karthik mani group"
a night of jazz , funk and lounge music

9.00pm,5th jan: SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER with DJ Gladwin
put on your dancing shoes & get ready to party

Thursday Signature BOOZE & BRAINS (starts at 9pm sharp)
Hosted by Mark Rego & DJ Vinay, this a a popular quiz night where winners get all their booze free for the night. Rated by the BBC as indias best pub quiz... No entry charges.

1pm, every sunday afternoon we have the legendary SHYAM
with a buffet of khao suey, dosas and pastas, and some some bacardi mojitos and Kingfisher to add to the 'good times'.
and if u are an artist or a band that wants to be featured .. pls call shonali on 9845244610.
for updated jampot pics go here

14th jan: STORMY MONDAYS with Barracuda Blues
greg hamra: drums, dev: harp, vinod d'sa: guitar & vocals, raveen: vocals & keyboard, ninja: guitar
more about the band go here
a night thats already becoming very popular, a night that features a blues band live every monday night.

For Reservations Call 080-23442580.
go here for more details about OPUS ... and if u are on Orkut or Facebook there's an opus and a kroaknight community ...

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