Wednesday, July 16, 2008

'coming out of the KF closet'

:18th July " SKINNY ALLEY"

jayshree singh: vocals, amyt datta: guitar, gyan singh: bass & vocals, jeffrey menezes: keyboards & vocals, jeffrey rikh: drums & vocals

Skinny Alley is one of India's premier bands and is probably the only band in the country today that plays at corporate events, college campuses, football stadiums, smoky pubs and 5 star nightclubs with equal flair and ease.
Skinny Alley has released two CDs of original music, Escape The Roar on the Virgin EMI label, and Songs From The Moony Boom on the Counter Culture Records label.


inka kendrina: visual artist, kesivan dev naidoo : drums, sean patrick Ou’Tim : electric & stick bass , mark james buchanan: electric guitar, thomson lee polmer: trumpet, shane lee copper: machinist

Closet Snare is a project involving a select group of talented and experienced musicians along with Visual Artist grrrl.
The project had been conceptualized three years ago, and it is now that these much talked about ideas are able to become a musical reality.
Closet Snare is a platform where the musicians performing may produce music without any boundaries, genres or trends.
The band was created as a release for working musicians that are often faced with the tiring reality of being categorized in spite of their love and ability to create music that has no name.

For the purpose of some sort of commercial gain, it will however be necessary for a more descriptive explanation in terms of the sound created by Closet Snare.
There is a strong jazz influence alongside beats ranging from Break Beat and Swing to Hip-Hop.
There are moody slow tracks and tracks that display fast manic outbursts of free and improvised jazz.
There are elements of quirkiness and sometimes almost humorous musical ideas that trickle through. These ideas are due to a variety of interesting and really odd records sourced by the outstanding turntablist, the well known Cape Town based SIBOT.
to watch snipets of them in concert go here

Hosted by Mark Rego & DJ Vinay, this a a popular quiz night where winners get all their booze free for the night. Rated by the
BBC as indias best pub quiz... No entry charges.

1.00p onwards... lazy sunday zinzi afternooon with DJ Goapu
Zippo India Collectors Club Meet
Bring your Zippos... showcase them ... exchange them ... drool over them ... buy new ones and get 15% off!
DJ Goapu to taking you through the afternoon with some of his favorite grooves.
12 noon over Buffet of Rs 300/-. .. with a buffet of khao suey, dosas and pastas and some zingrias, zinitos & zinshots ' .. and if u are an artist or a band that wants to be featured .. pls call shonali on 9845244610.

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