Thursday, September 11, 2008

goapu showpu :)

night of classic rock favourites and sing along anthems with Goapu
saturday lounge and uptempo sounds with Arshin

tuesday 4play nights has now become a games / get back to college fest kinda night
we tried it out last week and it was noisy, boisterous, scrappy, a few couples broke up and i thought someone would get killed.
so if this kind of a bullring spurs you on, or if you think you still have it in you, be there on tues night.
choose from pictionary, boggle, scrabble, taboo, jenga and many others. playoffs will start in a months time
and if u can beat the house team you get a 15% off your bill.

Hosted by Mark Rego & DJ Vinay, this a a popular quiz night where winners get all their booze free for the night. Rated by the BBC as indias best pub quiz ... No entry charges.

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opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week