Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Down to Brass Tacks

Yeah it’s a strange title for a blog.
Last Wednesday at Opus was quite a riot. As I said in last week’s piece, Raghava K.K. was throwing his farewell bash since he’s off to Yamrika to pursue greener pastures for his artistic leanings. So it ended up being quite a healthy crowd.
And speaking of Good Health, Prem Koshy kicked off the evening with A Wonderful World. He tried to beg off saying it’d been too long but yours truly can be fairly persuasive when required. And so Louis came to life.
Other old…err… people who sang were Carol Rao, who belted out Elvis and Tom Jones and won a bottle of Bacardi for her transgender-ness. Allen Mendonca was a Rhinestone Cowboy and Srikanth sang about his daughter being born to be wild. Fun!
But coming down to Brass Tacks (Yes, I’m getting to it), there was a family of singers, Raymond Brass and his 2 sons Ryan and Sheridan who simply blew everyone’s mind away. Now Sheridan is a regular at Opus and we’re used to seeing and hearing him. But that level of talent in one family is just sinful. I hope they’ll be back soon.
And all the others too. Sam – who’s birthday it was – and gang were lots of fun
as well. They won the second bottle of Bacardi. And there are only 2 going out every Wednesday. The criteria to win one are vague. Happy people, mad people, crazy people, loud people, good looking people, people who compliment me, people who say loudly that Wednesdays are better than Sundays. It’s all valid. And all the others who’s names I’ve forgotten, a thousand apologies.
And as per the newest tradition, I picked Raghava to co-host the show with me on Hahahahahahaha! What a mad show it’s going to be. Josephites all over, especially from the batch of 97, tune in cause we talk about Usha Sharma, Popo, Charlie and lots of other memories from SJBHS days.
See you guys tonight. Tune in tomorrow between 11 and 2 for Raghava vs. Vivek. Ta!


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