Tuesday, April 14, 2009

naked chicks!! :)

Oliver Rajamani is a renowned musician whom music critics have distinguished as "an artist who has redefined Gypsy music by taking it back to India (homeland of the Roma Gypsy) to its original roots and literally destroying borders." This is not fusion music but traditional music of Europe and Middle East with ancient Indian roots.
Oliver Rajamani - flamenco guitar, vocals, rebab, oud, dumbek; Joseph Santori - cello; Steve Marcum - percussion: djembe, cajon; Richard Bowden - violin; Suresh - percussion: tabla

The 1st Anniversary Easter Special Edition of O-Show: 12th April '09, Noon to Moon
click here to view the O-Show movie
The O-Show Sunday Bizarre Buzzaar will be buzzing from Noon to Moon at Opus, Palace Cross Road, Bangalore on Sunday 12th April '09

Opus and Nimboo Design + Style in association with Four Seasons, have come together to bring you a fresh, creative, high energy market that will showcase young, talented designers from around the country. Designers are mostly from outside of Bangalore and include everything from jewellery, clothes, accessories to shoes, bags, artefacts and lots more!!

The April edition will see:
Nimboo Closet - clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories
Nida for Skin - Clothes and accessories from the 'High on Chai' collection

Tuo - Eclectic fusion of semi precious stones and silver, by Nandita
Time Out Magazine

Opus - Opus merchandise, t-shirts, mugs, candles, ashtrays and lots more!
Squeeze Salon - by Adam Bidappa, offering make-overs, hair-cuts, hair styling along with their brand of summer footwear and slippers called Arugum Bay

With a huge spread of Goan food on the Lunch Buffet and Gina spinning cocktales behind the bar, you can blissfully eat, shop, drink, shop, laze, shop, sing, shop, dance, shop, shop, shop, shop, kroak, shop, shop, shop and spend the whole day at Opus!

The Easter Bunny Treasure Hunt!
The team that finishes all the activities first and makes the whackiest easter bunny costume AND reaches Carlton first, will win the grand prize (if he feels like it, of course!)

2pm - 4pm:
Sunday Jampot with cowboy Sheridan Brass!
6pm - 8pm: playing a groovy lounge set

9pm onwards: the trademark Opus Bacardi Night Shift KroaKnight with the super crazy Carlton (KroaKnight entry and cover apply)

Anuj's Special Easter Sunday Brunch: noon onwards (Rs. 650/-)
Cold Cuts, Home Made Cheese Platters, Khao Suey, traditional Goan Curries, Flavoured Rice, Sannas, Dosas, Wraps, a variety of Breads and loads of yummy desserts!! Soups, Salads and you can Make your own Sandwiches!
Along with Unlimited Kingfisher Blue Beer and Mojitos!!
Check out the review in The Bengaluru Pages, Let's Do Brunch - The 10 Best Brunches Served on a Platter

Something Special
They may be Galeej but they certainly are Gurus. Catch the Galeej Gurus, Bangalore's veteran rockers as they discuss music, sex, drugs, rock-n-roll and women's underwear in an exclusive interview with Sharmon at the myopusradio.com studio!
With music handpicked by the Gurus themselves, you're going to want to kick yourself if you miss this one! Tune in this Sunday, 12th April 2 to 5 pm or check out the schedule for reruns of the show on the Something Special Archive.

We've launched a super cool
www.kroaknights.com check it out for rules, pics, videos and madness updates!

KroaKING Season 4 every Wednesday at 9 pm
3 more wednesdays to go! (including tonight)

Songs have to be chosen from the database of over 8000 songs that Opus possesses (to browse the song list check out
www.kroaknights.com), unless you want to get your own backing track along. Keep in mind, only English tracks are eligible.
This year we are taking the contest outside Bangalore - across 6 cities in India.

Bangalore qualifiers - 10 down, 9 more to go!
The ten that are in:
Shilpa Ananth; Akshay Hari; Abhijit Sudhakar; Neville de Nazareth; Sheridan Brass; Mana Dhanraj; Mark Swaroop; Remya Nair (tie); Akshay Myer (tie); Aditya Menon

Check out the kroaknights blog for weekly updates by schizophrenics Vivek vs Vivek on who sang what, who wore what, who drank what, who beat whom and other such vital (?) information about the KroaKING Season 4 contestants.. good luck!

When did Mark Rego get his first kiss? Answer this and win a SPECIAL prize from the Birthday Boy himself!! :)
And the dress code: your old school ties, blazers, shorts, handkerchiefs, name badges, tiffin boxes (err..), belts, socks and black shoes.. Girls must be in two pig tails!

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, 11th April 9:00 pm onwards: DJ Vinay
Playing a retro, rock-n-roll and dance set! Put on your blue suede shoes and be there!

... and check out Buzzintown a premier Internet portal dedicated to the promotion of Events and Entertainment in India covering a wide range of categories & genres of events with presence in 10 cities.

bookmark these and check for regular updates


To view past few events' pictures log on to:
Opus Brigade in Chennai
Opus Brigade in Delhi, Mumbai & Pune (Mark Swaroop)
Opus Brigade in Pune & Mumbai
Opus Brigade in Hyderabad & Delhi

For reservations call 080-23442580/9844030198
here for more details about OPUS ... and if you are on Orkut or Facebook there's an Opus and a Kroaknight and a Booze and Brains community, along with the Opus Fanpage ...

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