Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ahem! Opus has Soul, mate :)

We are launching Opus Pune, the erstwhile Soul at ABC Farms, Koregaon Park is getting an Opus make over and ready to roll in a couple of days. Watch this space for all updates :)

KroaKING Season 4

Presenting the all new Kroak Recorder:
Log onto
www.kroaknights.com and click on the icon that looks like a popular touch screen phone, and voila! You have yourself an online voice-recording karaoke player. We’ve decided to pick One Wild Card entry via this method, so all you need is a decent enough Internet connection (and maybe a decent enough voice even!).
All you have to do is, select a song that you want to sing, click on the record button (you could use the microphone on your laptop too!) and sing away. Once your done, click on the Save button, fill in your contact details and hit Submit! Your song will then be sent to us. Yes, it’s very simple!

LAST Bangalore Qualifier, Opus - June 10th
Hyderabad Finals, 10 Downing Street - June 11th
Chennai Finals, 10 Downing Street - June 18th
Pune Finals, Opus in ABC Farms - June 19th

Block these dates for Bangalore:
17th June, Opus - 1st Semi Final
24th June, Opus - 2nd Semi Final
4th July, Opus in the Creek - KroaKING Season 4 Finale

Bangalore qualifiers - 19 down, 3 more to go:
Shilpa Ananth; Akshay Hari; Abhijit Sudhakar
; Neville de Nazareth; Sheridan Brass; Mana Dhanraj; Mark Swaroop; Remya Nair (tie); Akshay Myer (tie); Aditya Menon; Kayden Dias; Riccha Paul; Sendil Kumar; Ravi Bhat; Vipul Nanda; Divya Bajaj; Michelle Bakes; Alexis D'Souza; Vineeth Vincent
Mumbai Finalists: Michelle Rodricks - Winner; Reena Vaz - Runner Up

Prizes for KroaKING Season 4 sponsored by Yamaha, Apple, Planet Scuba, Mojo, Flying Machine
For further details on all prizes and updates, check out www.kroaknights.com

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER with Soulmate, June 13th 9 pm:

Inspired by the roots and groove sounds of the Blues, Blues-rock, Soul, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Funk and R&B, Soulmate, the renowned and respected band from Shillong, the one and only Blues band from India.
The band created history by being the first and only blues band ever to represent India at the 23rd International Blues Challenge organized by The Blues Foundation of America, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, in February 2007. They are releasing their 2nd album called 'Moving On' as part of this tour.
Check them out on http://mailer.myopusradio.com/track/index/219

Kingfisher ABANDONFRIDAY with Karthik Mani & Group feat. Ramesh Shotham, June 12th at 9 pm:
The Karthik Mani Group uses an amalgamation of Indian and Western Classical, Rock, Rhythm with Blues, Funk and Sufi influences. The musicians have been performing individually as well as in a group at prominent international music festivals and venues. The group with Ramesh Shotham (Germany), a legendary percussionist, promises to make this experience unique, absolutely different and exciting.
Prakash Sontakke: Hawaiian Guitar; Bruce Lee Mani: Guitars; Prakash K N: Bass; Ramesh Shotham: Drums & Percussion; Karthik Mani: Drums & Percussion.

Sunday Jampot 2 pm onwards, with Cowboy Sherry,
singing country classics from Kenny Rogers, Don Williams, Garth Brooks, The Eagles... and lots more! Requests and dedications are most welcome!

Anuj's Special Sunday Brunch: noon onwards (Rs. 650/-)
Cold Cuts, Home Made Cheese Platters, Khao Suey, traditional Goan Curries, Flavoured Rice, Sannas, Dosas, Wraps, a variety of Breads and loads of yummy desserts!! Soups, Salads and you can Make your own Sandwiches!
Along with Unlimited Kingfisher Blue Beer and Mojitos!!

Check out the review in The Bengaluru Pages, Let's Do Brunch - The 10 Best Brunches Served on a Platter

Tuesdays 4-Play!
Tuesday nights has become a games / get back to college fest kinda night. Choose from Boggle, Pictionary, Scrabble, Jenga, Taboo and lots more! Prizes courtesy Kingfisher Blue and if you beat the house team you get 15% off your bill.

THURSDAY Signature BOOZE & BRAINS with Mark Rego and DJ Vinay at 9 pm
This is a popular quiz night, where the winners get all their table's booze FREE for the night!! Rated by BBC as India's Best Pub Quiz.. No Entry Charges!

Bulls Unplugged on Monday, June 15th, 6 pm onwards: 'Catalyst'

RedBull and Opus present Bulls Unplugged nights featuring college bands and upcoming artists from around the city.
Click here to check out the Bulls Unplugged facebook group.
Also check out the Bulls Unplugged every Thursday, 9 - 10 PM on

The Opus Platform Channel is here!
Wednesday, 10th June. 3 PM to 6 PM. 'Something Special' features Ortal Pelleg, the man with the magic horn! His name means 'Light of the Morning Dew' and that symbolises what the man stands for. In a forty minute interview with Vivek, Ortal narrates his story, his experiences with the didgeridoo, the Jewsharp and the hang, all the while going back to spirituality and nature as his most basic influences. Check him out on www.ortalpelleg.com
Thursday, 11th June. 3 PM to 6 PM.
'T.O.P.S.' with Sharmon Ibrahim on the latest in the Indian Indie music scene.
Check out Mid Day's article on India's 1st Online Radio Station for International Music

Click here to check out Judy Das' take on the entire 'O'Bus madness in Goa! :)

... and check out Buzzintown a premier Internet portal dedicated to the promotion of Events and Entertainment in India covering a wide range of categories & genres of events with presence in 10 cities.
bookmark these and check for regular updates

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Opus Picnic

IPL T20 Finals: BRC vs DC at Opus

For reservations call 080-23442580/9844030198
here for more details about OPUS ... and if you are on Orkut or Facebook there's an Opus and a Kroaknight and a Booze and Brains community, along with the Opus Fanpage ...

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opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week