Thursday, April 13, 2006

bangalore rocks (bottom)

we were labeled immoral and a public nuisance last week by the powers that be.... no no ... not because we set a couple of buses on fire and smashed a few glass panes.. their reason was of far more consequence... 'music' and 'loudspeaker' they said. hence, in keeping whats best for the city, we had no action last week.
(really sorry, but i actually liked it over the weekend ... it was like the old opus ... guitars jamming, piano being played people singing along ... playing taboo and pictionary... different ... but nice)

but the flipside was that i had to fend off one million and twenty two calls of 'dude, what do we do on wednesday/sundays?', 'you cant do this to us'.. and the such.

as a mark of respect for two people that have inspired religions, we will keep it quiet over this weekend as well.
easter sunday KroaKnight will be back (special easter lunch is also on) ... provided, of course u show some morality and aren't a nuisance ... and till they find something else to slap us with.

we will resume the search for KroaKing on wednesday
some great prize sponsors have come forward ... am finalizing the list of prizes .. it will be up next in my next mail... but i can tell u the hotties are 'a weeks holiday for 2', 'a home audio system' some cool apparel, and some other gizmos ... thank u all

cheers and keep smiling
the reason i can, are the following
1) Salman Khan gets five-year prison for shooting endangered chinkara.
2) Alwar rape: Top cop's son gets 7 years. verdict given in 9 working days.
3) Bombay High Court quashes ban on dance bars .. saying it violates the fundamental rights of dancers and bar owners.
bangalore just cannot be that far behind ... (hopefully)

call 23442580 for details and post replies at


Dr. Pissed said...

he picked the TIME, tick tick tick tick ah-tick tick tick tick tick..

Spyder said...

Hi Carlton,

Agree with your comment. I quite liked Opus this weekend too. It was very much like the old Opus I used to unlike the CNN IBN P3 place its transformed into..not that I mind the new avatar..But still have a very fond affection for the old place. Thanks for loads of good memories and good times.


Chiranjit Banerjee said...

When Satyajit Ray died, Kolkata went into total silence for a week. Crowds waited patiently for hours to catch a glimpse of the legend without the police having to interevne.

What were these supporters of RajKumar doing when he spent 108 days in captivity with Veerappan?
No wonder this state continues to run a deficit as far as recruitment in the Indian armed forces is concerned for the last 40 years - if there is one redeeming feature in terms of the valour & courage of the state, it is the miniscule district of Coorg which has produced 3 army chiefs since independence - a feat that even the martial Punjab has not.


Chiranjit Banerjee

Anil Ranadive said...

Hi Carlton,

You and your lovely wife should be given a medal by the City for running an exemplary place and keeping all those high testosterone types off the streets. Best of luck with everything. This too shall pass and Opus will be jazzing again I am sure.

Take care.
ANIL in Yokohama

Prem Jain said...

hey all th best for watever u dng!! neways v will back ur ideas.n pal do keep 1 thing in mind bangloreans r d best! n most dnt worry!

let me kno ven u start up with a bang!!


Eric Rousseau said...

All the best in these difficult times. In my position, I have no right to tell you what I think of this though. The only thing I can tell is that I will do all my best to support your attempts to make Bangalore a great place to live in. I will keep on sending you as many people as I can.

Best regards and keep it up.

Eric Rousseau

mina dsouza said...

Dearest Gina & Carlton.

Glad to hear that the game Taboo is still 'Top of the Pops' !!!!! Good Luck with the noise gang..... Love receiving your bulletins and reading the website news.

fondest love

dinesh albuquerque said...

Dear Carlton,

Good to keep the music on! Bangalore has been quite a riot these past few days. i cant imagine the locals can be so crazy for a person to kiss death.
anyways, would like to come and join the show down there sometime soon i hope.
say hi to Gail.

regards, dinesh a

longblackveil said...

Ye Gods. We all loved the Old Octopus. The CNN-IBN look was not endearing. At all.

Sangita Venkatesh said...

Dear Calrton,

Hi, My name is Sangita (A friend of Bobby's) and this is the first time I'm writting in to you.
I really liked your mail and thought i must reply to you.
I am not a regular at Opus. Well I have a very hectic schedule. I work for the Singapore High Commission at I.T.P.L. and I stay at Rajajinagar. So there is no time for anything what so ever.

Well the first time i came to Opus was maybe a Year ago and at time this were not the same as it is now.
The next time I visited Opus was for the Classic Retro Nite like 2 weeks back. And the change at Opus is phenomenon. Great Job you Guys.
The food is amazing. I really liked it Especially the lamb chops and the Prawn fry..
Infact i was quite disappointed when you did the disaapearing act from the stage after singing a line or two. May i say, you have a wonderful voice. I have seen your performance at Taj and a few other places and thought you were great.

Well i heard about the bad news at Opus,
Infact Bobby told me what happened with the Cops (Don't they just suck )

Well all i can say is that the cops cannot tell us what time to eat and when to sleep.
I mean there are other grave problems to deal with like the Infrastructure of Bangalore, the horrible roads, corrupt ploiticians, traffic, potholes, the list is endless and not to forget the vandalism caused by the "so called fans" of Dr.Rajkumar. Please give me a break.

Where do cops get off telling us what to do and what not to. Well, The last time i checked this was still India and i guess we are still a democratic country.
We all know for a matter of fact who the actuall ......................Immoral and Public Nuisance are .

All i can say is that i only hope and pray that Opus returns to it's original form.
And we hope to see and hear Carlton singing sometime soon at Opus.
I wish you all the best and hope everything goes well for you.

And another thing don't be too happy about Salman going into jail for 5 yrs, he's out already . The law and order in this country sucks.

Take and good luck
Warm rgds
Sangita Venkatesh

AXE said...

Hey Carlton...

Opus this weekend rocked... I should say this, just like many here have...It was great listening to "Boys from Madras" and the jampoy rocked too... I frequent opus every sunday... Like the jampots a lot...

keep it Rocking...

aady said...

Keep up the good work, bangalore needs a few of us to rock.Cheers

Kavi said...

Hi Carlton,

My name is Kavitha and i am Vivek the DUDE Menzel's friend.... I heard your christmas cd and i'm writing to was FANTASTIC!!!!!
Kudos to you guys and thank you for spreading the holiday cheer :-)
A special shout to Mr.Bharat Krishnan aka BARRY...My personal favourite!!!!


Anonymous said...

Carlton...kroaknights semi's last wednesday was the best time ever...u guys do u pull it off always...its a real high at opus alwayz even minus the is life...cheers to u guys...shons,gina n u...thanx for all the good times
luv rina

Shix said...

Dear Sir,
I'm doing my masters in mass communications and as part of cour course we have to interview someone for the news bulletin that we produce. I would like to interview you about the ban on live music. Could you please tell me how I can get in touch with you and give you more details. Arti Rao told us we coul get in touch with you.

Waiting to hear from you.

Shikha Gaba

Simon said...


Hope you're doing well - Seems like you're facing the same problems with the local authorities still.... On a good note... My Family and I are in Bangalore from 26th December until 3rd Jan..

Huh?! - It's Simon.. from HSBC.. I'm lovin' angels instead?!

Anonymous said...

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