Friday, April 21, 2006

super smooth jazz under the stars

22nd april, saturday night live jazz - PERSONS COMMITTING NUISANCE ;)
sharik hassan: piano, nate linkon: sax, prashaant davidson: bass, rajeev rajagopalan: drums, ashwin mathew: guitar
entry Rs 111/-

Fri : retro nights
groove to pure unadulterated classic RETRO

The search for the first Castle KroaKing heats up....
we have reached the halfway stage. its completely unbelievable, the kind of talent in this city.
just 4 more wednesdays to go and 12 more places to be filled.

heres what they are singing for
-A holiday in GOA for 7 DAYS for 2, sponsored by CRIMSON, powered by RCI
-Rontek SS4 Hi Fi Amplified Speaker System- with built in electronic crossover, active bass drive, 4 speakers, 1 subwoofer 1 amplifier.
-Weekly prizes from LEVITATE

... and the prizes are still rolling in ....

AND ... SHARMON IBRAHIM, has agreed to sponsor an opus special cd featuring the top 12 finalists !!!
and finally... all those who figure in the top 24 get free entry to Opus on KroaKnights ...

the first 12 spaces on that list are taken1. megha girish2. vivek madan3. divya bajaj
4. anoopa anand
5. arfaaz kaagalwala
6. mark swaroop
7. saurabh dubey
8. namrata sudhindra
9. shruti
10. barry
11. amrita
12. karn malhotra

entry Rs 111
entry Rs 111+ cover Rs 300/- (sunday night)

Mon & tue: castle rock bottom nights
beer pints at Rs 39/-, rock bottom prices on select alcohol, special rates on rocking starters,
along with some great classic 70's rock bands, all under the stars!

For Reservation Call 080-23442580
artists profiles etc.

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opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week