Thursday, May 11, 2006

"folk the system"

12th may, fri dj nights: DJ RD
playing his party mix of disco, rock-n-roll, dance, hip hop, bollywood and retro.

9.00 pm, 13th may, sat night live: Indo World Folk Rock:
The Raghu Dixit Project is an open house for musicians, dancers, poets, lyricists and artistes from different genres to come together, collaborate and create a dynamic sound and expression. The Raghu Dixit Project has a constantly evolving sound due to the different musicians collaborating with Raghu Dixit. The Raghu Dixit Project is all geared up for the launch of its album 'Folk the System' to be launched later this year.
Raghu Dixit: Vocals & Acoustic Guitars, Anirban Chakravarthy: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Gaurav Vas: Bass & Backing Vocals, Rahul Pophali: Tabla, Dholak & percussions, Shiva: Darbouka, Djembe, Drums & Latino Percussions, Manjunath: Drums, Percussions & Konakol.
entry Rs 149/-

Castle KroaKING UPDATE ... ONLY 1 more wednesday to go and 3 more places to be filled.
vivek madan is really living dangerously ...
its gonna one hell of a final.. i just cant wait ... your last chance to get onto that list or forever wonder whether u were good enuff!
heres the incentive to do so ...
a Crimson 7 day holiday for 2 in GOA, Rontek Hi Fi Amplified Speaker System, Weekly prizes from Levitate
Sharmon is recording a CD with the top 12 finalists and all those top 24 get free entry to Opus on Castle KroaKnights ...
1. megha 2. vivek 3. divya 4. anoopa 5. arfaaz 6. mark 7. saurabh 8. namrata 9. shruti 10. barry 11. amrita 12. karn 13. serah 14. shyju 15. eleyah 16. samuel 17. mansi 18. kartik 19. jacob 20. santosh 21. bijo
entry Rs 111
entry Rs 111+ cover Rs 300/- (sunday night)

Mon & tue: castle rock bottom nights
beer pints at Rs 39/-, rock bottom prices on select alcohol, special rates on rocking starters, along with some great classic 70's rock bands, all under the stars!

Sunshine Sundays
great all-you-can-eat buffet at Rs 275/- under the swaying palms, listening to some happy music

For Reservation Call 080-23442580
artists profiles etc.


Misha said...

I just had to let you'll the know that saturday nite was seriously one of the best nites at opus. The Raghu Dixit Project were amazing!!! I'm so glad i didn't miss it. For those of you did i suggest you convince Carlton to bring them on again cause this was one show that i would definately attend again.


Anonymous said...

I would definitely agree with Misha! The RaghuDixit Project (familiar to most of us as ex-Antaragni) was an awesomely fresh sound and totally rocked the nite. The kannada songs (though I don't understand a work except adjust maadi!) sounded exotic. The show was so personal, emotionally charged with some brilliant musicianship and of course not to forget the mention of raghu's unimitable vocals, compositions and arrangement! Even the threatening clouds must have paused for this really spellbinding show. I really hope Opus invites them back again and we all get to enjoy their music once more! - Ashish

Anonymous said...

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