Thursday, May 25, 2006

the kroaking semifinal results

26th May: Fri Nite Special

David Binney is one of the biggest (certainly one of the biggest names to play at opus) alto saxophone talents in the USA.
He will perform in a jam with the gerard machado network and stanley pinto.
Entry Rs 149/-

DownBeat calls Binney ".... a strikingly original composer/leader/conceptualist." and gave his last album a 4-star rating.

this week weve interchanged fri and sat.
27th Sat DJ Dance night with Carlton. singing / playing his favorite party mix of rock n roll, retro and disco

The Castle KroaKING SHOWDOWN.......
24th May - semifinal A:

the votes are in and we say goodbye to 6 frogs

im listing in order of rank

31st May- semifinal B:
amrutha, arfaz, eleyah, kartik, mark, megha, saurab, serah, shruti, shyju, vivek, vinoj

they have to be songs that they have never sung before at Opus.
the semi finals will be judged by an audience poll. entry coupons for the semis will also double up as voting cards .. you have to circle your 6 favorite frogs of the night. the top 6 on both the nights will be announced on the blog and at the following sundays Castle KroaKnight.
also vote for who u think is gonna win on the opus blog .... we are doing a voters choice thingee as well .. go right to the bottom of the page and VOTE.

we are trying to have our CD out by the finals as well so betn the 24th may and 4th june all recordings will also be complete with Sharmon Ibrahim.
7th June - FINALS
the finals will be of 12 contestants who will compete for
1st place: a Crimson (powered by RCI) 7 day holiday for 2 in Goa
2nd place: a home theatre system from Rontek

vivek madan opinion on yesterday night

For Reservation Call 080-23442580
artists profiles etc.

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