Thursday, June 15, 2006

cup of life !!

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people are still writing about the kroaking finals .. check out anoopa's and viveks take at

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Anonymous said...

My name is Vinay Krishnan. Please try to make your site more colourful. Your site is looking more corporate.

Anonymous said...

i don't mean to be a wet blanket and i never post comments like these but your picture here of the woman holding the footballs is in atrocious taste. It's offensive and puts me off. And I'm sorry to say, it reflects very poorly on the person responsible for putting it up there.

ceebee said...

thats why football is a mans game ... sorry to have offended u ... but opus does tend to be a lil risque and over the top sometimes

Anonymous said...

get a life ..... and get a sense of houmour too

Anonymous said...

So you don't mean to be a wet blanket? So don't be! You don't ever post comments like those? So don't waste your time starting now! Good lord woman, what age are you living in because it sure ain't the same as everyone else in the world. A pic of a woman holding two footballs close to her chest is atrocious taste, ho ho thats the funniest thing I've read in a long time so thanks from that point of view. If you ever go to Opus I would advise you to wear ear muffs because I once heard someone say the 'F' word there and in fact, don't sit too close to me if you go either, I might just fart! Now go back to your mission you silly fool!

Anonymous said...


way to go anonymous of 2:11 post. touche !

big momma [im assummin she is] now gonna have to wear nose muffs too

but then again she jus might take my earlier advice and probably get a life at the local nunnery....


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