Tuesday, June 06, 2006

KroaKING finally !!!

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ive just heard the recording of the cd (sharmon, u rock!) and its blown my mind. im now trying to mass produce it and get everyone who comes in tomorrow a copy.

THE FINALS Castle KroaKING ......
wed, 7th june
anoopa, amrutha, arfaaz, barry, jacob, mark, megha, namrata, santosh, serena, vinoj, vivek

8.30pm Round One: all 12 will perform
any song recorded in or before the year 1979 ive chosen that year cos all of them are born after that year

10.00pm Round Two: (SHORTLISTED 6)
any song from the new millenium

the judges
Avril Quadros, DJ Chico, Mark Rego, Stanley Pinto and Me.

with hottie and shorty opening the show (with a brand new song) and guest performances from the judges and samira mohamed.

the prizes
1st place: a Crimson (powered by RCI) 7 day holiday for 2 in Goa2nd place: a home theatre system from Rontek3rd place : A hamper of BoozeSykes cargos from levis for all 12 finalistsCastle hampers for the other 12 semifinalists
plus ... 24 KroaKnight Priveledge Kards for free entry to all KroaKnights till the next season also go to the bottom of the http://opusbangalore.blogspot.com/ page and VOTE for your favorite in the competition. there's a prize for the voters choice as well

catch vivek madan's pre kroaking jitters at http://kroaknights.blogspot.com/

For Reservation Call 080-23442580 http://opusbangalore.blogspot.com/

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