Thursday, July 20, 2006

2x8 men on a dead man's chest...

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friday 21st july
masala mix retro dance night

saturday 22nd july
the pirates of the caribbean party with a rockin reggae / carribean set... great decor .... awesome prizes .. super action
dress code: bandanas, eye patches, body paint, hats.... (whatever it is that pirate wear ... ask jack sparrow for all i care!)

sunday lunch
Khao Suey ... all u can khao(khao suey, pasta and dosa counters), under the sueying palms ... Rs 275/- .. with some super music and cocktails to go with it!

sun KroaKnight
every month (the sunday closest to the full moon) we are going to have one Special KroaKnight. every month it will be a different genre / era . music will be only of that genre and with a dress code to match with prizes for the best dressed / best singer.

go right to the bottom of the page and vote for next months theme. or mail a suggestion back if that genre is not available.

wed KroaKnights are now gonna be hosted by
mr. mark-midnight special-swallowed ashtrays-black velvet-tom waitts-barbie girl-soul patrol-swaroop!!!

For Reservations Call 080-23442580

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opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week