Wednesday, July 26, 2006

so u think you're smart huh?

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thursday 27th july: booze & brains .. hosted by mark rego with DJ vinay on the console
brought to you by PartySmart

we kick off mark rego's booze & brains this thursday. so for those of you who enjoy a bit of challenge be there to see what its all about.
every thursday we will test this theory
It states that a herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. When the herd is hunted, the slowest are killed first, thereby increasing the speed of the herd. Similarly, some say, the human brain operates only as fast as the slowest brain cells. While excessive intake of alcohol kills brain cells, it attacks the slowest first - eliminating those cells and increasing the speed of the brain. That's why you always feel smarter after a few beers.

friday 28th july: Castle Loud with DJ Shy

For 50 nights across the country, five of the best known DJs from South Africa, UK and the USA will tour India, playing at some of the finest it-clubs in the country. Ranging from deep house to tribal to drum n' bass to speed garage, these DJs have spent decades refining club music at ubervenues across the globe.
DJ Shy performs at opus on friday 28th july...

Shy began his electronic music journey in 1997 when he was introduced to the rave scene by a friend. He was too young to attend, but that didn't stop him from trying to get into every one he could, often being ejected. However, the music he had heard and the culture he had been exposed to set him off on a path to DJing. And so began his career at the age of 16. It was at this time that he met the legendary DJ Craig Wardell from the old SKYYBAR, Shy had found someone he could relate to and asked Wardell to teach him to DJ on turntables. Though, like most 16-year-old, Shy could not afford to buy his own equipment and had to take two buses to get to Wardell’s house to practice for one hour, Shy persisted and six years on he has DJed with the likes of Sweet Sarah, Coco Loco, Ryan Dent, Lady Lea, Durban's Finest, Oskido, Buddha and his most recent achievement, opening for DJ Slok of SAW Recordings, Italy.

Saturday 29th july dance night

sun lunch @ rs. 275/

Khao Suey ... all u can khao(khao suey, pasta and dosa counters), under the sueying palms ... Rs 275/- .. with some super music and cocktails to go with it!

sun Castle KroaKnight with carlton
every month (the sunday closest to the full moon) we are going to have one Special KroaKnight. every month it will be a different genre / era . music will be only of that genre and with a dress code to match with prizes for the best dressed / best singer.go right to the bottom of the page and vote for next months theme. or mail a suggestion back if that genre is not available.

wed Castle KroaKnight with mark-midnight special-swallowed ashtrays-black velvet-tom waitts-barbie girl-soul patrol-swaroop!!!

For Reservations Call 080-23442580.

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Nihlate!! said...

That came out casually enough... Mark Rego's B&B at Opus now la la la la la. Having been a regular at The Nightwatchman on Thursday nights, it came as a little bit of a shock. But screw them fellas at The NW anyway. The s.o.b's told us Rego would be there any minute the last 2 Thursdays (and kept us drinking). Now we know why... the commie ba$+@#%$. Oh well... Opus it is... Cover charge is cool... entry is crap.

Vinoj said...

Hey kids, I think you need to resize your images a bit. The top most image (usually whatever is being promoted for the week) is pushing the tables into disarray in Firefox and some versions of IE. :)

arjun bagri said...

well what can I say……am at "O" 4 nights a week (main reason me needs to change my job now)…… not tht I have not got anything better to do…...actually I don't want to …....imagine missing out on life doin somethin else when you can be at "O"………well only Carl and G can come up with stuff like this to blow your mind…….not forgettin the added flavour in the food now ……. Thanx to “S” and Nic’s……... and how can I mention pretty Shon's....ensuring nothin goes wrong with stuff needed for us all to get blown and have freaky nite......let it be the Kroak nite's tht have gotten so popular…Fri Retro's………..givin chance to folks like me to live our passion..or the best Sat night of my entire life..and I have been livin it for a few years I can say..Carl & what a night tht was..he sang he danced and he drove us all mad…...Really wonder if there is anything tht he can’t do …… he draws … sings …. Dances …. DJ’s……. have I left out anything?.......those who thought till tht nite they have seen it all were mistaken...... and the reg’s who like only the Kroak’s my advice to you ….. next time u have Carl singin ….. “DON’T MISS OUT…..& now when I thought well wht more can Carl do…..the God of entertainment comes out with B&B…...wht a freakin night tht was…..real kool Rego with the mike and some elite folks to add decor to the place…..helluva nite it was …… specially if u wanna loose the extra dose of just partyin ……and get into some serious fun with a twist & still get freakin blown and ya if u lucky and smart have blowin nite without payin a single freakin dime…...God u kick ass ...keep it up man! Wonder wht I would have done without "O"…... probably still gotten blown but not enjoyed it so much ... Cheers! A

opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week