Wednesday, November 22, 2006

bangalore's big band

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col.tommy john: piano, denzil bentley: trumpet, max rose: guitar, domnic saldanha: sax, victor francis: drums,
s raman: alto sax, freddy: keys, dr. tom chandy: leader and vocalist

FLING SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER .. DJ Dance Nights...with DJ Misha
with some retro put on your dancing shoes

a warm hearty breafkast of egg, bacon, sausages, pancakes, baked beans, juice and coffee....
while listening to some great jazz and blues with RJ Carlton Braganza on Radio Indigo.
SUNDAY JAMPOT: sunday afternoons host musicians that want to play together
from 2.00pm onwards, featuring " ZEPHYR"....the infosys band with a sunshine buffet of khao suey... pasta... dosas...

.... a guitar-obsessed User-Interface designer, an “I-can-play-anything-you-give-me” guitarist-cum-keyboardist-cum-bassist-cum-vocalist (whew!), a keyboard prodigy, another witty guitarist cum bass guitarist, a drummer who can’t keep his sticks down, vocalists who double up as “band managers” and you have ZEPHYR!!
Zephyr in Latin means “a cool gust of wind” …. And they intend to do just what the “Zephyr” does…. “Blow our audiences’ minds away with our music”…... They are a group of software engineers who have a joint passion... “MUSIC”..!!!!..

WEDNESDAY & SUNDAY Castle KroaKnight
THURSDAY BOOZE & BRAINS: hosted by MARK REGO with DJ VINAY on the console brought to you by blenders pride the winning table gets its booze on the house. labelled by BBC as the best pub quiz in the country.

For Reservations Call 080-23442580.

follow all the links for more details about OPUS and lots of pics up of JAMPOT

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