Thursday, November 02, 2006

woodstock weekend

The Rainbow Bridge is an Audio/Visual production house offering music through producing artists and bands covering Original Indian rock and its different forms apart from its ventures in Commercial Music.
The Bridge is pioneered by Sanjeev Philip Thomas, who has been a full-time musician and composer since 1998. His expertise ranges from live musicianship to music direction. He has been the pioneer to many famous Rock and World music acts such as Buddha’s Babies, Buddha Blown and the Rainbow Bridge. He has performed and composed India’s First Rock Opera “The Fallen” performed at the Hindu Theatre Festival in August, 2005.
The current band being produced at the Rainbow Bridge at chennai self named after the Studio.

Buddha’s Babies and Buddha Blown have won many laurels in its early days at prestigious competitions like IIT (Madras), National Law School (Bangalore), RAIT (Bombay) etc and also played at many venues such as the “Great Indian Rock” festival in Delhi for 2 years in a row, OAT, Chennai, Rang Bhavan, Bombay and the Pragathi Maidan in Delhi spreading the message of Original Music in India.
Wayne Fernandez has been the bassist of the rainbow bridge from the start. He has performed and been a part of a lot of bands produced from here like Buddha’s babies, Buddha Blown and also was the bassist of No Idea who won the GIR competition in 2004 to perform in Norway at various venues.
Salwin Alfred is a percussionist capable of performing various percussion instruments, the floor tom being his original idea to add a new sound to this band. He plays the Djembe, the Bongos, and his specialty the “Rain Stick”.
Benny Dayal is a professional singer singing for both Rock and commercial acts performing since a young age. He is the singer for The SS music produced band “S5”, the mudskippers and “on vibrator mode”. Benny has provided the band with his harmony arrangements and his carnatic and folk Flair.
Swathi is also a professional singer and she has a couple of commercial jingles and serials to her credit. She was one of the lead singers of the Fallen at the Hindu Theatre festival and has provided for a lot of soul and carnatic elements in this band.The Band showcases Rockn’roll, Indian carnatic and Hindustani Folk, Funk and Blues giving it an edge in its genre of world music.
wayne: bass, salwin alfred: percussions, floor toms, djembe, benny dayal: vocals & shakers, and swathi: vocals, sanjeev: vocals & guitar, Jeremiah: udu(African Ghatam).

with some super retro remixes ... with a special 70's rock tribute this weekend

a warm hearty breafkast of egg, bacon, sausages, pancakes, baked beans, juice and coffee....while listening to some great jazz and blues with RJ Carlton Braganza on Radio Indigo
SUNDAY JAMPOT: sunday afternoons will now host musicians that want to play together
" from 2.00pm onwards. with a sunshine buffet of khao suey... pasta... dosas...

SUNDAY special Castle KroaKnight with CARLTON
woodstock hippie theme night ... with songs from the rock bands of the 70's .. prizes for best dressed and best singer
WEDNESDAY Castle KroaKnight with MARK

THURSDAY BOOZE & BRAINS: hosted by MARK REGO with DJ VINAY on the console brought to you by PartySmart
the winning table gets its food and booze on the house.
labelled by BBC as the best pub quiz in the country.

For Reservations Call 080-23442580.

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