Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the group of death ... last prefinals tommorrow!!

Butter and Mashed Banana is a play where there are no real characters, motivations or moments of emotional truth. It goes from three actors in real life to three characters on stage caught up in a frenzy of activity ranging from International best sellers to instant stardom and conflicting ideologies. The story is about a boy. But soon it stops being about a boy. And soon after that it's about the boy again, except by now he's turned into a world-famous writer who's facing rabid opposition to anything he tries to say and do. And, there is music and movement all the while, tangentially taking digs at ideology and censorship, among other things. Butter and Mashed Banana takes an irreverant and humourous approach to see what offends us and how.

Butter and Mashed Banana has won both critical and mass acclaim over the last two years. Besides Bangalore Butter and Mashed Banana was invited to perform at the Prithvi Theatre Festival in Mumbai in November 2006.

Cast and Crew:
Written and Directed: Ajay Krishnan
Music: Ajay Krishnan
Cast: Gulshan Devaiah, Vinod Ravindran, Vivek Madan
Lights: Sujay Saple

8: 30 PM, friday, 18th May

KroaKING Season 2 Finale (25th May) tickets are on sale now and are available at OPUS priced at 299/- and 399/- with a complimentary season 2 CD. book early to get the best seats in the house. call shonali 9845244610 or misha 9845207778.
Nokia Kroaking Season 2.... pre-finals 3, 16th may
1. aishwarya, 2. bharat , 3. gulshan, 4. jacob, 5.jerusha, 6. jude, 7. keerthana, 8. roopika
all 8 get to sing 2 songs
Category 1- any song originally recorded in or before 1975Category 2 - any song you wantYou can’t sing a song you’ve sung before at Opus.
the pre finals will be judged by the audience. entry cards for the semis will also double up as voting cards .. for you to have your say and circle your 4 favorites of the night. The voting will be done at the end of the evening. The results will be up on this blog the day after the contest.
some of last years finalists will sing in the break.
to catch all the action, to listen to last year's kroaking 12 finalists, for rules/ prizes (some more have been added on), competition hype, go to KroaKnights

Sun KroaKnight still undoubtedly reigns supreme as the wildest night at opus ... be there and be part of the madness

Hosted by Mark Rego & DJ Vinay
- this a a popular quiz night where winners get all their booze free for the night. Rated by the BBC as indias best pub quiz
A heady combination of booze & brains!!! try it to find out... No entry charges.

the saturday night party to let your hair down and dance the night away ... DJ ANDRE back with a classic mix of retro, rock-n-roll, and disco

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