Wednesday, May 07, 2008

poll dance :)

bangalore always has a way of ruining our best laid plans . we had a cracking weekend lined up, with calcutta bands skinny alley (fri) and pink noise (sat),
till we were told that due to the elections all places that served alcohol must shut down thursday through saturday. must be the fact that one needs to make an informed, sober vote.
both the gigs are therefore rescheduled to sunday noon. be there.

11th May 12 noon- 4.00pm SKINNY ALLEY & PINKNOISE

jayashree singh: vocals, amyt datta: guitar, gyan singh: bass & vocals, jeffrey menezes: keys & vocals, jeffrey rikh: drums & vocals
Skinny Alley is one of India's premier bands and is probably the only band in the country today that plays at corporate events,college campuses, football stadiums, smoky pubs and 5 star nightclubs with equal flair and ease.
The musicians in the band are amongst the most experienced and versatile in the country having played with prime bands over the years in a variety of situations. They are equally adept at several genres of music pop, dance, funk, rhythm and blues, country, classic and contemporary rock, jazz-rock and progressive rock.
The band has been touring the country for many years now and the repertoire that the band possesses is huge and caters to a wide range of ages and musical tastes.
Skinny Alley has released two CDs of original music, Escape The Roar on the Virgin EMI label, and Songs From The Moony Boom on the Counter Culture Records label.
pinknoise was formed in March 2006 and features
Amyt Datta: guitar, Jayashree Singh: vocals, Gyan Singh: bass, and Jivraj Singh: drums.
pinknoise is a carefully designed dirty hybrid stew sound

9 have
make it through to the FINALS
1. megha girish 2. neville de nazareth 3. sendil kumar 4. anaitha nair 5. venkat subramanyam 6. alexis d'so uza 7. roopika muthanna 8. roohshad garda 9. judy das.
for the details of the audience vote,?chris williams remarks and all else go here

pre final 3:7th May, 08

. aditya menon, 2. andy v,3. anuj gurwara, 4. arati desikan, 5. kevin menezes, 6.?sharon?chang, 7. saurabh d, 8. shwetha jairam, 9. adarsh shenoy (radio one)

Block your dates for the 17th of may, Palace Grounds wherein one would be crowned Opus KroaKING...
Tickets are out. Call 9845244610 to block / buy your tickets.
PRIZES come in so far
A Lennovo Laptop for the Winner ( G series)
Merchandise package from PUMA for 2nd Place
Cash Prizes for the top 3
Personlaised Opus Zippo lighters for the top 12 (with their names on it)
Holidays from ZEST
Top 6 winners get a pair of shoes from PUMA
and of course free entry to wed and sun kroaknights at opus :)
Sandeep Chowta will be one of the judges at the KroaKing 3 Finale and will write and produce a song for one of top 12 finalists. (not necessarily the winner).
A song that Radio One will give a lot of airtime.
and catch our kroaking jingle and all the on air hype, the crazy chamrajpet charles and rajni saar onRadio One (94.3 FM) .

Hosted by Mark Rego & DJ Vinay, this a a popular quiz night where winners get all their booze free for the night. Rated by the BBC as
indias best pub quiz... No entry charges.

ok and fyi this is the best way to get to Opus. click to enlarge.

traffic woes have been surprising non existent ever since work started on this project. find your way to windsor manor. and from there traffic moves in the direction of opus.
for all the opus video updates go
For Reservations Call 080-23442580.
go here for more details about
OPUS... and if u are on Orkut or Facebook there's an opus and a kroaknight and a booze and brains community ...
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