Thursday, August 14, 2008

freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose :(

happy independence day
1. the freedom to enjoy pipe music, if it's lower than 6 decibles ( the sound that my keyboard makes as i type this is louder than that ) in public spaces that serve alcohol. to get a better idea go here
2. the freedom to enjoy a drink and live music / dance in the confines of your own home
3. the freedom to drive to mysore and enjoy a night out dancing

i don't want to sound like a stuck record, so for all the same things that i've been harping on for the last 3 years go here. the bangalore mirror article or the blog when it all started way back then
if you want to join the fight you can
1. send this mail to as many interested people as possible. mail us back and we'll keep u posted as to what's the next course of action.
2. join the facebook Big Bangalore Protest Unit
3. sign the pledge at

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bangalore bleeding
Aug 10, 2008
by ceebee
Sunday protest against the curb of creative expression in places that have valid liquor licenses.
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as of now, we don't know what we are allowed or not allowed to do at Opus?
For Reservations Call 080-23442580.?go here for more details about OPUS ...
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Anonymous said...

Bangalore bleeding? Since when did Opus represent Bangalore? Opus is only bellowing now because the (however unfair) law finally caught up with them. I've been part of the swinging dancing scene in Bangalore since college, but i can tell you the city's song&dance scene was getting fetid by 2000. An offensive class-centric malaise began creeping in which had nothing to do with the open-arms spirit that is so special to Bangalore. Opus and the grand braganzas exemplify the attitude-ridden perversion. It also hasn't escaped a few that the street protest came in the wake of the bust-up of a rave party in Donaje village, Tavarakere. Even if the KRV did tip off the police about the rave, I think cityslickers need to be more careful how they display their money-backed privelege when they get into village areas. Looking at that fancy photo gallery of the protest you have up, you take every opportunity to make the police look like goons with no hope of ever being keyed in to the ineffably fashionable ways of your set. The arrogance and exclusivity of the partying set is just as morbid as that of the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike's. And it is apparent that the organisers of the protest made a deliberate attempt to avoid Kannada in any of the banners? This omission was conspicuous, and by leaving it out you effed up your own issue issue while stupidly making it also look like a English vs.Kannada and West vs.East face-off. Get your brains, attitudes and priorities straightened out, impossible of course if you're too far gone with the good times. (It's worth noting the only credible mascot of the protest, Girish Karnad, was quick to dissociate himself from his perceived sympathy for the pretentious protest)


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