Friday, August 01, 2008

virgil donati NOT at opus :(

bangalore decided to play spoilsport and morally anal when we had arguably the wildest drummer in the world lined up to tear opus apart.
for a piece of nostalgia go to 16th jan 2008 or to right back to where it all began .
the concert has been rescheduled to wednesday, 6th august at 7.30pm and is now at the chowdiah.

VIRGIL DONATI feat. Brett Garsed
LIVE in Concert
7.30pm, 6th Aug, at Chowdiah Memorial Hall.
Tickets priced at Rs 499/- (includes BUFFET at the kroak afterparty at opus)
Contact: 9845244610 / 9844030198
VIRGIL DONATI: watch this drum solo if u need any convincing
"After all these years of playing, I still feel like I've barely scratched the surface!”.
Many drummers come to mind who've had a hand in raising the bar - leading by example with faster chops, innovative use of the instrument, more complex rhythms, more creative phrasing, and in general, better musicmanship. But few have turned as many heads as Virgil Donati.

Virgil was born and raised in Melbourne Australia. From the time he could barely utter a word, he keenly observed the regular band rehearsals his father held in the house. Virgil’s interest in music and instinct for rhythm had been apparent to his parents for some time. They began considering a musical path for him, and one month prior to turning 3, he found himself sitting behind his first real drumset.

In 1996 Virgil uprooted and relocated in the U.S.A., in an attempt to expand onto the world stage. It has since proved to be a very rewarding and productive time. Recording and touring with the likes of Planet X, Steve Vai, CAB, Scott Henderson, Steve Walsh, Tribal Tech, Frank Gambale, Derek Sherinian, Mark Boals, Dave Stewart, Mick Jagger, Josh Stone, and many others, he continues to push the limits of the instrument to astonishing new levels.

Virgil is known amongst drummers as a technical virtuoso, having developed incredible power and flexibility (whilst playing traditional grip), mastered polyrhythyms, odd-time playing and intricate phrasing, attained blinding quickness and powerful, metronomic precision - all with a rare attention to showmanship and visual playing.
"He is really a gift to the planet."-- Gunnar Nelson, December 2000
"He's one of the best on the planet, there's no question . . ."- - Bobby Rock, July 1998
"Brett, in particular, I really like." -- Shawn Lane, Guitar Player, October 1992
"Brett is one of Australia's top talents..."-- Mike Varney, Guitar Player "Spotlight" column, July 1985

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