Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the 8th deadly sin!

Carnavale: Gluttony for the Flesh!!

The concept of Carnival is total freedom to everybody (something alien to this part of the world) including men, women, boys and girls who could do whatever they liked and go wherever they wanted during this period without any remorse or scrutiny, cutting out the need for making enquiries or telling lies.
One of the most popular & colourful festivals of Goa, It is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year. Though essentially a christian festival, all people of Goa, irrespective of their faith and religion take part in this festival. The word Carnival has been derived from the Latin word "Carnavale" which means to throw away meat or abstain from 'the flesh'. The main highlight of Goan carnival is to have fun by indulging in singing, dancing, feasting, etc. before the 40 day abstinence period of Lent before Easter.

Celebrating 10 years of Booze n Brains in Bangalore with special celebrity hosts Ashish Balal & Nisha Millet. Tons of prizes to be won:
4 BlackBerrys, Flying Machine & Indigo Nation gift vouchers. Not to mention, all the booze on the house for the winning table :)

20th Feb: "Newton & Nezz" .. the popular kingfisher brand ambassador singing duo from Goa in what they do best.
21st Feb: the Red & Black Masquerade Ball. feat. workshop and short peformance by LVDS
The Red and Black Ball is an annual event held during Carnival that is renowned for being one of its most exciting and crazy events. The Red & Black theme is in honour of the colours of the football team Flamengo, which is a top Rio team.
dress code: strictly red and black. if you can't find a mask we will provide you with one!
22nd feb: Karnival KroaKnight with Carlton
23rd feb: The Carne (meat) and some veg of course buffet with unlimited mojitos and beer!
24th feb: Mardi Gras (fat tuesday)
In the late 19th century, the cordões (literally laces or strings in Portuguese) were introduced in Rio. These were pageant groups that paraded through city avenues performing instruments and dancing. Today they are known as blocos (blocks), consisting of a group of people who dress in costumes or specials t-shirts themes and/or logos. Blocos are generally associated with particular neighborhoods and include both a percussion or music group and an entourage of revellers.
... the samba teams / pageants (incl. raj shroff, michelle salins, the lourd vijay dance studio, and the opus home team amongst others) the Grand Prize of Rs 15000! if you feel you can put a team together that could battle these heavyweights (quite literally in some cases) call priyanka on 9844030198 asap. very very limited entries

Anuj's Special Sunday Stuffings: The All Day Revamped Sunday Brunch, noon onwards (Rs. 650/-)
Cold Cuts, Home Made Cheese Platter, rotisserie chicken, khao suey, traditional goan curries, rice, sannas
Live BBQ on tables
Assorted grill, Soups & a Salad Bar with a variety of Breads to Make your own Sandwiches and loads of yummy desserts!
Unlimited Kingfisher Blue Beer and Mojitos!!

bookmark these, and check for regular updates :)
For Reservations call 080-23442580/9844030198
here for more details about OPUS... and if u are on Orkut or Facebook there's an opus and a kroaknight and a booze and brains community ...
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