Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The search for Nirvana !

we've put up a page to celebrate the life of Gina ... you can share comments, photos, videos, stories, prayers .... http://myopus.in/gina

Highlights at
Opus in the Creek (Brookefields):
10th Oct, Sat: 'THE FUNNY THING ABOUT WAR' - a play by TAHATO

Highlights at Opus (Palace Cross Road):

All details below ..

Sunset session at Opus in the Creek (Brookefields) on Sunday, 11th Oct, 4 pm onwards with DJ NAZ (BUDDHA BAR, LONDON) & MA FAIZA:
DJ NAZ: Globetrotting DJ and world music maestro "Naz" is one of London's most prolific and exciting DJs. His music is a pioneering blend of exotic and sensual sounds served on a bed of electronic rhythms.
A true pillar of the Dance music scene in London, Naz was behind the legendary "Jet Set Sounds of London" parties where the likes of Asian Dub Foundation and Ibiza legend Alex P among others came to soak in the magic.
MA FAIZA: Having both spent many in years India, their paths crossed musically whilst performing together in Goa. With great mutual respect for each others musical vibration, they joined their talents to develop a new sound, which encompasses the roots of Indian to an orchestral context, in attempt to translate the essence of Indian music into the 21st century expression of electronica. The innocence of this partnership of musical expression has a magical quality and deeply touches the heart of the listener, transcending any artificialness that is found too often in electronic music, and allowing an experience of pure emotion and sensuality.
Click here to check out the myspace page

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER with DJ IVAN at Opus in the Creek (Brookefields) on 10th Oct, 9 pm onwards:
DJ Ivan is one of Bangalore’s foremost prime DJ, is unquestionably one of the pioneers of excellent music and entertainment today. Ivan’s versatility in various music genres has always created an ambience of taste, talent and celebration for all music lovers.
It is Ivan’s passion, originality & individuality that set him apart from the world. It is not only his music that stands in the foreground, but also the integration of strong words and images – always different and mystical, against the current and diverse in terms of “Style”. DJ Ivan’s talent isn’t confined to the decks, he is well known for his music acumen which has secured him the position of a notable DJ over the years.

KINGFISHER ABANDONFRIDAY with 'BLUE RONDO' at Opus (Palace Cross Road) 9 pm onwards:
Victor Francis - drums; Jagadeesh - guitars; Frijou Francis - keyboards; Kenneth Wilson - bass

RC BOOZE & CLUES with Mark Swaroop at 9 pm:

Monday Nights (Opus in the Creek), Thursday Nights (Opus Palace Cross Road)
A super high energy, up-tempo Quiz that you can relax and unwind to or go mad with, depending on how you take the Challenge. It’s an evening you wouldn’t want to miss, even if it’s just to show off how smart you are!

RC Booze and Clues. Challenge on the Rocks. Brought to you by Royal Challenge Rock'N Music CDs. Game for Life!

Bulls Unplugged every Monday, 6 pm onwards:
RedBull and Opus present Bulls Unplugged nights featuring college bands and upcoming artists from around the city, a super cool College Menu and special discounts on Red Bull drinks!
Click here to check out the Bulls Unplugged facebook group. Tuesdays 4-Play!
Tuesday nights has become a games / get back to college fest kinda night. Choose from Boggle, Pictionary, Scrabble, Jenga, Taboo and lots more!

Bacardi KroaKnight hosted by Carlton every Sunday, 9 pm onwards at Opus (Palace Cross Road) AND every Tuesday night with Venky & Sheridan, 7 pm onwards at Opus, in the Creek (Brookefields):

Opus KroaKnights can change your life! Don’t be fooled by the name or the frog, which is the mascot of KroaKnights. This is a night dedicated to “singers with talent with no place to show off”. Opus has discovered and honed some amazing voices over the years in the city and gives them a place to sing their hearts out and discover their place in the sun.

Click here to check out photos of the Sunday KroaKnight.

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To view past few events' pictures:
easy like sunday nights ?? N.O.T. !!
The B.Rat Pack at the Creek !!
In Pune Country

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