Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Asaf Rabi, Roberto Narain and Konarak Reddy

Acoustic Electric Band in concert

Konarak Reddy
Konarak Reddy has been called one of India's best and most innovative guitarists, known for his finger-style prowess, as well as for integrating Hindustani and Carnatic styles of improvisation.
He studied jazz composition and performance at Berklee College of Music Boston and graduated with Honours from the Guitar Performance program at Musician's Institute, Hollywood & has two degrees in western classical music theory from the Royal School of Music and Trinity College of Music, London.
His performances and tours have included playing with a variety of musicians including Dr.L.Subramaniam, Earl Klugh, Al Jareau, Stanley Clarke, George Duke, Ravi Coltrane, George Laval Maynard Fergusson, Embryo, Orexis, T.A.S.Mani and Rama Mani, Flute Ramani, Rajeev Devasthali, Debi Prasad Ghosh, Vemu Mukunda, Shanti Rao, Neela Ramanujam, Suma Sudhindra, Afro-Brazil, Lady Dee, Banda Esmeralda and Sergio Mendez amongst others.
He currently tours with Dr.L.Subramanaiam. He has been invited once again to tour Germany with the International Guitar Nights package consisting of four internationally acclaimed guitarists.

Asaf Rabi
Born in June 1979 in Beer Sheva, south Israel. Started playing in electric bass in rock groups at age of fourteen, because it was much smarter then to pick the guitar up.
Started playing Israeli, Mediterranean, and Balkan folk music at high school, performing in Israel, Europe and China with a youth orchestra. Started playing jazz in small combos in Beer Sheva and Jerusalem at the age of 16, recording and performing with local cats, studying jazz harmony and arranging with the top teachers of Israel. After the army, moved to Tel-Aviv to play with jazz, rock, and various ethnic groups. Studied in the Tel-Aviv AMademie of music - classical harmony and counter-point. At age of 23 moved to Amsterdam to study at the Amsterdam Conservatory, performing and recording in the local scene with jazz groups, Latin, drum & bass, rock, and world music.
Dedicating time now for writing. Recently went to study with bass virtuoso Dominic DePiazza in the south of France. At the age of 25 has now started to look further - towards Indian music.

Roberto Narain
A Drummer / Percussionist who hears a different sound and beat, Roberto Narain has been captivating music fans for more than 20 years as a musician.
Roberto was born in Monza, Italy and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand for over 15 years after which his family settled in Bangalore. He is presently based in Mumbai (Bombay). He began drumming from the age of 13 and has performed in musical styles ranging from rock, jazz rock, funk, fusion, and metal to contemporary jazz and world music throughout India as well as on the international music circuit. Roberto has played in and with numerous bands such as Middle Earth, Millennium, and WARDEN as well as musicians like Dr. L. Subramanian and Konarak Reddy. He is currently studying carnatic classical music theory under the guidance of Mr. T.A.S. Mani of the Karnataka College of Percussion in order to incorporate nuances of carnatic rhythm into performing on the drum set.
Roberto is currently playing with the band ARYA, which performed at the prestigious festival “La Mar de Musicas , in Cartagena , Spain in July, 2003. Arya had their first tour of U.S. A in September 2004.
He is also a partner of The Active, a recording studio with Singer/Actress Vasundhara Das in Bangalore.
With “sounds from my mind” Roberto opened new doors of percussion when he explored limitless possibilities of music from his Roland V drums. and proceeds to blow his audience’s collective mind with the sounds and sights from his one man band.
He performed at the K.S.C.A stadium in Bangalore during the recent test matches between India and Australia / Pakistan held in October 2004 and March 2005. Currently working for brand promotion for Roland, Japan.
Musical influences – too many to mention.

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