Wednesday, December 28, 2005

those 8 days of christmas

the 8 days of xmas treated banaglore to some of the city's most talented along with stars national and international. with the nip in the air under the stars it sure felt like christmas

day one: 17th dec
rajeev raja

flautist rajeev raja backed by 'ash enthralled a packed house of his fans. amazing versatility in his flute playing ranging from the throaty growls to mellow jazz solos and intrictate exposition of Indian ragas, with tracks from santana, jethro tull , to some jazz standards.

day 2 lunch: 18th dec

thermal and a quarter with thier electrifying new vocalist david pascal in an afternoon gig under the swaying palm trees, played for almost 3 hours or pure magic. from thier own compositions to thier arrangement of tunes they like they were really a breath of fresh air.

day 2 dinner
krismas kroaknight

saw some of the best voices including a 10 year old superstar, kiara, sing to a bursting house of over 400 people ...

day 3: 19th dec
christmas jam

two of bangalores new bands Old jungle Saying and Maximum Pudding started off the evening and it ended in an open jam. an evening that saw the likes of shankarshan kini, samira mohamed, anoopa, blues guitarist ananth.

day 4: 20th dec
world space live

a concert of giganitic propotions. Charlie Mariano - Soprano, Alto, tenor Sax backed by Mike Herting – KeyboardsT.A.S Mani – Mridangam Ramamani - Vocals, KonnakolKeith Peters – BassRanjit Barot - DrumsRamesh Shottam - percussionAmit Heri - guitarsaw all of bangalores music lovers enjoying a night that wont be forgotten for a long time to come.

day 5: 21st dec
gerard & priya

the gerard machado network featuring priya mendens was a night with great musicality and dexterity showing off the skill of one of bangalores most talented bands.

day 6: 22nd dec
the higher iyer show

kartik iyer in a side splitting set of comedy and nonsense . from his take on chennai, to call centre employees, to an air guitar competetion, to the arabs ... he had everyone rolling on the mattresses. joining him on stage were preetam koilpillai, rajeev ravindranathan, vivek madan and mark swaroop.

day 7: 23rd dec
anushka manchanda

in a first of its kind masala mix of the beatles, elvis, some hip hop, to some groovy dance tunes she ended it with some hardcore bollywood tracks... she had the entire crowd on the floor screaming for more.

day 8: 24th dec
carlton and friends

the great jazz pianist stanley pinto, along with prashanth on bass noel and cliff on guitars, samir on drums denzil on trumpet and the awesome nate on sax.
what a way to end the festival. people soon discarded their woolies and their mufflers and were dancing and yelling for more ... carlton was his unbelievable electric self jumping on top of speakers and chairs and in a set that ranged from swing to jazz to country to disco ... these guys totally rocked!!!

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