Monday, December 12, 2005

lounge piranha

tuesday: castle rock bottom nights
encouraging new bands, new sounds.
beer pints at Rs 39/-, rock bottom prices on select alcohol, special rates on rocking starters, all under the stars!
lounge piranha live. 13th dec
george: drums, rohan:bass, kamla : guitar & vocals, abhi: guitar & vocals.
entry rs 49/-

A Bangalore band formed in 2004, it has hit the local music scene with a unique sound which can only be called it's own. Lounge Piranha creates a space while playing - a space for you to close your eyes or get up and jump into yourself. Ambient guitar soundscapes combined with grunge distortion are layered on top of a tight drum and bass unit. Original lyrics. Original sounds.

George Mathen from Bombay, is a graphic designer by day and fully in control of the drum kit by night.
Rohan, current medical student and future quack, takes care of the bottom end with proficiency on his Warwick bass guitar.
Kamal Singh on guitar and vocals, uses lots of alternate tuning and open strings, and hits the grunge spot with alarming accuracy.
Abhi on guitar and vocals, emerges from the tangle of the electronic loops in his studio to provide the ambient soundscapes with lots of guitar delay and reverb.
Original lyrics. Original sounds. Lounge Piranha is up and Lounge Piranha is coming.
entry rs 49/-

wed: KroaKnight

thursday: val & trevor (live)
retro & oldies
Entry Rs 99/-

friday: the karnataka goan association xmas party
entry + a super xmas special spread rs 750/-

opus flea market
a super coming together of some great designers, artists and things colourful
dakshini: antique furniture, daffodils: pointsetters & xmas trees, swadeshi: linen, arty crafts : hand made paper gifts & crafts ,
levitate : bohemian jewellery & clothing , one g: jewellery, sheila venkatachalam: african art & xmas decorations, santa hats and lots more exciting xmas goodies

watch out for the next mail on the 8 days of xmas!

opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week