Tuesday, March 21, 2006

'Art' by Gnatak- 23rd March

8pm, 23rd March "ART"
The play "Art" by French author Yasmina Reza is as rare and invigorating as a fine painting itself.
'Art' debuted in France in 1994, was famously 'discovered' in Paris by Sean Connery, translated into English by Christopher Hampton, and then went on to win top theatre awards in both Britain and the US, including the 1998 Tony Award for best play.
The catalyst for the action is the purchase of a picture (for 200,000 French Francs) by Serge, and the reaction to it of his two friends Yvan and Marc, and although it does raise questions about the nature of art, it is really a play about the nature of male friendship. The central metaphor provided by the painting--and the trio's reactions to it--is so loaded that the play can be debated as hotly by attendees as the canvas is debated onstage.

The canvas of Serge's painting becomes the ground on which these three contrasting characters draw themselves as the play proceeds. They reveal their passions and prejudices, their tempers and temperaments; they sketch in their private lives and the preoccupations of late-twentieth-century manhood; and in doing so they display for us the alternately touching, sad, treacherous and comical dynamics of friendship.

The question is: Are you who you think you are, or are you who your friends think you are?

On Thursday- 23rd March, watch Gnatak, Bangalore ressurrected Theatre Group as they perform Yasmina Rezas 'Art', a remarkable wise witty and intelligent comedy that tells the story of 3 friends and a painting.
The plays starts at 8.00pm sharp.
Entry Rs. 111/-

mon & tue: rock bottom nights
beer pints at Rs 39/-, rock bottom prices on select alcohol, special rates on rocking starters,
along with some great classic 70's rock bands, all under the stars!

wed and sun: KroaKnights
last wednesday nite was overwhelming to say the least... woww!! each and every one could sing .. and i mean really sing..
7 more wednesdays and 21 more places to be filled.
the first 3 spaces on that list are taken
1. megha girish
2. vivek madan
3. divya bajaj

entry Rs 99/- (wednesday night)
entry Rs 99/- + cover Rs 300/- (sunday night)

some reactions ( both for and against) to the mail i sent about KroaKnights ive put up here.
check it out and add to it if u feel like ..

For Reservation Call 080-23442580
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