Thursday, March 16, 2006

a walk in the 'clouds'

18th march, saturday night live - MEGHA
Dr Suma Sudhindra with her carnatic ensemble along with Gerard Machado with his jazz ensemble together form "MEGHA" which means " THE CLOUDS"
Megha has performed in many concerts across the country. their ensemble consists of-
carnatic ensemble:dr suma sudhindra: veena, sri b.c manjunath: percussions, m.a krishnamurthy: tabla & ghatam, b . k chandramouli: kanjira & mridangam, s.n narayanamurthy : ghatam.
jazz ensemble:gerard machado:guitar, prakash: bass, yogendra tillu hule: drums, freddie; keys.
entry Rs 150/-

Dr SUMA SUDHlNDRA is one of the most acclaimed veena exponents of the country. Known for her melodic rendition on the veena one observes in her music the brilliant blend of traditional purity and artistic novelty. She is also known for her intelligent adherence to the classical tradition and innovative experimentation. With a proven track of success at home and abroad she can carry with her the common music lover and the connoisseurs into the merry world of melody with unattached composure.
Sri. B.C Manjunath is one of the most popular percussionists of Karnataka. His mastery over the mridangam, precision in rendering and elevating the music to heights of rhythmic sensation is surpassed and his name is synonymous with laya.
M.A. KRISHNAMURTHY is undoubtedly the most accomplished tabla and ghatam player. At ease with two musical instruments, he is a master, a sensitive performer, a versatile musician, a dexterous instrumentalist and a man of few words.
B.K. CHANDRAMOULI is a prided student of Shri Palghat Raghu,whose talents range with his expertise on the kanjira and mridangam. He is also the most widely acclaimed performer on the konekol a traditional rendering of rhythmic expression.
S. N. Narayanamurthy is a very well known ghatam player is accompanied all the leading artists of Karnataka.

GERARD MACHADO affectionately called Jerry by his large fan club is a talented and devoted guitar player. His control over the instrument and the ease with which he plays is truly breathtaking. Leading the jazz side of MEGHA his expertise as a musician, a guitarist and a group performer is a rare combination THE JAZZ ENSEMBLE
PRAKASH GOTU HULE is a bass guitarist. An accomplished artiste he can perform three different styles with equal ease and plays with a rock band called Network.
YOGENDRA TILLU HULE plays the drums and is capable of creating
musical eophoria with his keen sense of rhythm.
FREDDIE plays on the keyboards. A very popular musician .He is also a member of the band network.

mon & tue: rock bottom nights
beer pints at Rs 39/-, rock bottom prices on select alcohol, special rates on rocking starters,
along with some great classic 70's rock bands, all under the stars!

wed and sun: KroaKnights
yesterdays wednesday nite was overwhelming to say the least... woww!! each and every one could sing .. and i mean really sing.. 7 more wednesdays and 21 more places to be filledthe first 3 spaces on that list are taken1. megha girish2. vivek madan3. divya bajaj
entry Rs 99/- (wednesday night)
entry Rs 99/- + cover Rs 300/- (sunday night)

some reactions ( both for and against) to the mail i sent about KroaKnights ive put up here.
check it out and add to it if u feel like ..

Fri : DJ RD dance nights
dance the night away .. with a masala mix of disco, rock-n-roll, dance, hip hop and retro.


Anonymous said...

rock rock rockin on heavens floor , that was last night friday. superduper u guys we danced till we dropped [ouch me peds are still hurting] count us in on bein regular every friday hereon.

Anonymous said...

That's not Prakash Gotu Hule. That's K N Prakash

opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week