Thursday, March 30, 2006

phenomenal weekend lined up

1st april, saturday night live - PHENOM
a classic and progressive rock band.. one of 3 bands picked by radio city live that played with parikrama at palace grounds
gaurav joshua vaz: bass, jnaneshwar 'jd' das: keys, mark lazaro: vocals, mrinal kalakrishnan: drums, trinity 'tiny' dsouza: guitar
for more on the band
entry Rs 111/-

Fri : DJ Bobby in a nite of pure unadultrated classic RETRO
groove to some great tracks from bangalore's most loved retro dj

wed and sun: Castle KroaKnights
it getting better and better every week ... couldnt go through the list yesterday as well ... we gonna start earlier on wed and sun... all those who figure in the top 24 get free entry to Opus on KroaKnights ... AND ... SHARMON IBRAHIM, arguably bangalores hottest (in more ways than one) recording dude, has agreed to sponsor an opus special cd featuring the top 12 finalists ... wowww!!!

5 more wednesdays and 15 more places to be filled.

the first 9 spaces on that list are taken
1. megha girish
2. vivek madan
3. divya bajaj
4. anoopa anand
5. arfaaz kaagalwala
6. mark swaroop
7. Saurabh dubey
8. namrata sudhindra
9. Shruti

entry Rs 111* (wednesday night)
entry Rs 111* + cover Rs 300/- (sunday night)
*includes 10% entertainment tax

mon & tue: rock bottom nights
beer pints at Rs 39/-, rock bottom prices on select alcohol, special rates on rocking starters, along with some great classic 70's rock bands, all under the stars!

For Reservation Call 080-23442580
artists profiles etc.

to the best postings by visitors to
He writes reviews of acts that he attends at Opus. And other music stuff.

a sincere appeal to all ... lets get the party going earlier!!!
we have to empty the place at 11.30 ... yes its a bummer! but this is Bangalore at its best!


arjun said...

Hey Carlton! You guys rock! thanx for giving us a gr8 place to party! I totally agree with u ... i hardly get a chance to party but when i do i'm at opus ... and tht's twice a week atleast ..... over my conv with u sun night i realized u r right buddy! wht r friends if they don't understand your constraints .. its not tht you hate to keep the party rockin late its just tht the cops do not permit u .... and believe me i know wht a pain in ht butt they can be .... so budyy am sure your regs would support u ... at least me and my frineds would .... cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi...nice party this sunday...usha uthup singing was a bonus....Must say you sang well urself....

Btw...what happened to the dj who played on fridays??? he played some good music


opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week