Tuesday, August 29, 2006

blue mojitos and crushed ice

ABANDONFRIDAY: 1st Sept - "Blue on Ice"
playing a variety of music from rock, jazz, blues, rock & roll, country, reggae, disco.... blue on ice will perform at opus on the 1st of sept.
joshua paulmer: guitar, joe: lead, joffy:drums, karan joseph: keys, piano

SATURDAY Retro DJ Dance Nights .. the best dance tunes from the 50's to the 90's
put on your dancing shoes!!

SUNSHINE SUNDAYS @ rs. 275/Khao Suey ... all u can khao(khao suey, pasta and dosa counters), under the sueying palms ... Rs 275/- .. with some super music and cocktails to go with it!

SUNDAY Castle KroaKnight with carlton
Castle KroaKnight with mark

THURSDAY: booze & brains .. hosted by mark rego with DJ vinay on the console brought to you by PartySmart

For Reservations Call 080-23442580.
more details http://www.blogger.com/


A B said...

My week at opus .... hmmm i know its a bit early for the week to end .... am there tonite and tomm as well .... but then i just had to ..... few things were diff this week .... Mark has started to get into his groove on Wed nites and this week he was awsome ..... barry am sure you have heard enough praises but well if u r good u r .... Mr. Madan was kool on Thu .... well Fri .... hmmmm .... tough one .... let's put it this way the band was super ... but the real entertainment was in the last 10 mins with Karan and Enokh(hope i spelt it right buddy) jammed up .... super stuff guys .... the food's gettin better by the day and thanx for tht Shalini .... lookin forward to tonite and morrow .... Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hey last sat nite was one of the rare times that I visited opus on a sat.....& boy have sat's changed....you guys have suddenly got a dj that knows the right kinda music that fits your place. I mean we always had dj's there playing good retro....but somehow the blend & mixture definately matters....being from the pubbing background you'll would understand mixing & blending better....
Anyways "Awesome" is the word to describe the booze, ambience, people, music, owners & dj....(notice how bill was not included, but then bills would neva rank high on my list)....Please keep on going....looks like you will be one family people cannot help but come back too...but then, thats your headache !!! PS - could I have the dj's no too???

Anonymous said...

Last Sat has to have rated higher than most other days......coz....simple reason....I have never seen all the owners (except Neil coz he was not there) jump around so much ever in all my life, so I guess thats proof enough that we all had a blast........& who was the lil girl on the flow....quite a dancing queen she's gonna grow up to be....not to mention a regular out there.
Keep it flowing.....

opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week