Wednesday, August 16, 2006

sunshine... almost always gets me high!!!

SUNSHINE SUNDAYS: all u can eat khao suey, pasta and dosa counters ... Rs 275/- - fresh exciting Finnish Rock band
1pm, sun, 20th august
entry Rs.110/-
Jontte: vocals & guitar, Anttie: Bass, Pexi: drums & percussion, Teemu: guitar.
they will play some excellent, original and contemporary rock stuff ... listen to them on their website ...
they really have a super seattle rock sound

also an exhibition and sale (noon to 8pm) of select pieces by Presse, Kavya Peerbhoy, Namrata and Deepti Sudhindra

Nimboo - Manhattan-based Clothing & Accessories brand, is showing their latest collection exclusively at Opus this Sunday.
Their playful skirts, funky fisherman pants and embellished shawls are not to be missed!
Gypsy Girl - Young free colourful lively. Catering to the young girl in all women this collection is vibrant. With the use of beads in glass and materials like bone, horn, ceramic etc, designs are created that are truly global and address various styles of dressing.
Goddess - The collections are ultra feminine ultra sexy with the use of natural stones and precious metal. a high-end fashion line the play of design is hugely philosophical and emotional in its approach.


THURSDAY: booze & brains .. hosted by mark rego with DJ vinay on the console brought to you by PartySmart

FRIDAY / SATURDAY Retro DJ Nights ... put on your dancing shoes!!
no live band this friday 'cos finnish band CRUMBLAND is performing on sunday afternoon instead.

For Reservations Call 080-23442580.
more details


Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't pay the DJ very much who was on duty last night, Friday Aug 18th. Somebody's iPod playlist would have done a better job getting people up out of their seats. I came to Opus for the first time last night specifically for the promise of "retro" dance tunes. Now, Bon Jovi, Kenny Loggins and Pink Floyd may all qualify as "retro", but they do not qualify as danceable music. The really sad thing was that there was a group of people in the early part of the evening yelling, laughing, dancing and making their own fun, but so atrocious were the DJ's selections that he succeeded in killing even their high spirits. I started to wonder whether this DJ, so-called, was not in fact an agent in the pay of Bangalore's anti-nightlife authorities, sent to make sure that things never got too lively. In either case, the evening was a real disappointment; I don't think my boyfriend and I will be coming back to Opus.

ceebee said...

really sorry about last nite ... i wanst there but apparently there were a bunch of 40 odd people who insited that they wanted bollywood crap ... fri nights are live music nights (every fri theres a diff band playing) which didnt happen last nite due to the fact that we are doing 'Crumbland' on sunday instead ...
its really unfortunate that u chose yesterday to be the first time to visit opus ... but if u come back today i promise u that you will dance to retro tunes till the cops drive u away ... and its on me ...

Anonymous said...

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