Wednesday, August 02, 2006

we're back aLIVE

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ABANDONFRIDAY: 4th Aug - Rohit Sailas & The Cantonment Jazz
it looks like the rains are over (i just hope i haven't spoken too soon) and we are back to live nights every friday at opus. if anyone knows of any bands/artists wishing to play at opus call shonali on 9845244610 or mail back to this address ...

this friday we have Rohit Sailas & The Cantonment Jazz
rohit sailas: keyboard & guitar, sudhakar john: flute, victor francis: drums, prashaanth davidson: bass
in a mix of global fusion, latin, spanish and french music from artists like dave brubeck, chick corea, dizzy gillespe, mozart and bach.

SATURDAY Retro Remixed with DJ Vinay
arguably bangalores best retro DJ in a dance mix of the beegees, boney m, abba, ccr along with some super disco and rock. put on your dancing shoes!!

Khao Suey ... all u can khao(khao suey, pasta and dosa counters), under the sueying palms ... Rs 275/- .. with some super music and cocktails to go with it!

SUNDAY Castle KroaKnight with carlton
every month we are going to have one Special KroaKnight. every month it will be a different genre / era . music will be only of that genre and with a dress code to match with prizes for the best dressed / best singer. go right to the bottom of the and vote for the next theme. or mail a suggestion back if that genre is not available.

WEDNESDAY Castle KroaKnight with mark -midnight special-swallowed ashtrays-black velvet-tom waitts-barbie girl-soul patrol-swaroop!!!

THURSDAY: booze & brains .. hosted by mark rego with DJ vinay on the console
brought to you by PartySmart
every thursday we will test this theory
It states that a herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. When the herd is hunted, the slowest are killed first, thereby increasing the speed of the herd. Similarly, some say, the human brain operates only as fast as the slowest brain cells. While excessive intake of alcohol kills brain cells, it attacks the slowest first - eliminating those cells and increasing the speed of the brain. That's why you always feel smarter after a few beers.

For Reservations Call 080-23442580.
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Anonymous said...

we thought fridays was dj rd ?????? why arent u featuring him anymore ? is he playing some place else ? if he is can u tell us where ?
raj, dips & gang

ceebee said...

hes in mumbai on work ... hes a friend ... runs a huge company and moonlights as a DJ at opus .. he plays whenever he is free and wants to play ... fri nite have changed over to live nites and sat is dance dj retro ... catch vinay on sat .. hes super as well

opus - 8 days a week

opus - 8 days a week