Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the legendary Ian Anderson sitting in as a judge tonight :)

We've launched a super cool check it out for rules, pics, videos and madness updates!

KroaKING Season 4 every Wednesday at 9 pm

4 more wednesdays to go (including tonight)

Songs have to be from the database of over 8000 songs that Opus possesses (to browse the song list check out, unless you want to get your own backing track along. Keep in mind, only English tracks are eligible.
This year we are taking the contest outside Bangalore - across 6 cities in India.
the Bangalore qualifiers - 6 down, 12 more to go!
the six that are in:

Shipla Ananth
Akshay Hari
Abhijit Sudhakar

Neville de Nazareth
Sheridan Brass
Mana Dhanraj

click here to read more and for details on KroaKING Season 4

ABANDONSATURDAY, 4th April 9:00 pm onwards:
Galeej Gurus

The band's music has been classified by critics as Indie, along with a host of other genres such a progressive rock, funk, and blues-rock. In the music of The Galeej Gurus, one can see such diverse influences as Led Zeppelin, Red hot Chili Peppers, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai and Deep Purple.
Nathan Lee Harris - Singer/Song Writer/Lyricist; Matthew Harris - Bass Guitar; Ananth Menon - Guitars/Vocals; Naveen Thomas Joseph - Guitars; Kishan Balaji - Drums

KINGFISHER Fridays, 3rd April 9 pm onward: DJ Melwyn & DJ Andre
Playing a retro, rock-n-roll and dance set, everything from ABBA to Ace of Base, Boney M to The Beatles!

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