Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Majaw Rising and other such Stand Up items :)

Highlights at
Opus (Palace Cross Road):
28th Aug, 9 pm: RSJ presents Kingfisher PubRockFest with 'GREAT SOCIETY' feat. Lou Majaw
29th Aug, 8:30 pm: WEIRDASS presents Ham-ateur Night with Vir Das
30th Aug, 1 pm: Sunday Jampot with 'Dark Project' (Kolkatta)

Highlights at Opus in the Creek (Brookefields):
29th Aug, 9 pm: Bacardi presents ' THIS IS IT' with DJ IVAN & the Lourd Vijay Dance Studio paying tribute to the King of Pop!

All details below...

Rock Street Journal presents Kingfisher PubRockFest with 'GREAT SOCIETY' feat. Lou Majaw, at Opus (Palace Cross Road), Aug 28th, 9 pm onwards:
'GREAT SOCIETY' is a vehicle to showcase Lou Majaw's songwriting. The band has a cult following and is responsible for bringing in the Blues, Reggae. This band gets together mainly for "The Bob Dylan Fest" in Shillong on Dylan's birthday which is another of Majaw's projects. This is an annual event and over the years has gained quit a bit of press and publicity.

WEIRDASS Ham-ateur Night at Opus (Palace Cross Road), 29th Aug, 9 pm onwards:
Weirdass Productions, the production house of renowned stand-up comedian Vir Das, organized India’s first ever Weirdass Ham-ateur. The basic aim of these Weirdass Ham-ateur Nights is to give an ideal platform for upcoming talents in the field of comedy right from stand up to sketch comedy, from musical to slap stick comedy.
10 performances will take place at the Ham-ateur Nights and a winner will be announced. The night will be ended at a perfect note with Vir Das himself doing the closing performance.

Bacardi presents 'THIS IS IT' with DJ IVAN and the LOURD VIJAY DANCE STUDIO paying tribute to the King of Pop, MICHAEL JACKSON, on his birthday. 29th Aug, 8:30 pm onwards at Opus in the Creek (Brookefields)!!

Sunday Jampot 1 pm onwards, with the 'Dark Project'
Dark Project is an Alternative/Progressive act from Kolkata. Dark Project was perceived and conceived by school buddies Sudipto and Sauvik in the year 2003. The band's music draws influences from bands like Incubus, Pink Floyd, 3 Doors Down and Porcupine Tree. The band currently comprises of Sudipto (Vocals), Ugyal (Guitars, Keyboards, Harmonica), Sauvik (Guitars, Sequencing and Sampling), Nachiketa (Bass Guitars) and Korak (Drums).
Anuj's Special Sunday Brunch: noon onwards (Rs. 650/-)
Cold Cuts, Home Made Cheese Platters, Khao Suey, traditional Goan Curries, Flavoured Rice, Sannas, Dosas, Wraps, a variety of Breads and loads of yummy desserts!! Soups, Salads and you can Make your own Sandwiches!
Along with Unlimited Kingfisher Blue Beer and Mojitos!!

RC BOOZE & CLUES with Mark Rego and DJ Vinay at 9 pm
Monday Nights (Opus in the Creek), Thursday Nights (Opus Palace Cross Road)

Kicking starting the all new quiz night at Opus! A super high energy, up-tempo Quiz that you can relax and unwind to or go mad with, depending on how you take the Challenge. It’s an evening you wouldn’t want to miss, even if it’s just to show off how smart you are!

RC Booze and Clues. Challenge on the Rocks. Brought to you by Royal Challenge Rock'N Music CDs. Game for Life!

Chill Pill: Every Wednesday & Sunday Night with Shyam & Dominic... in an relaxing unwinding set 7pm onward
Every Thursday Night with Venkat Subramaniyam & Sheridan Brass at Opus in the Creek (Brookefields) ... put up your shoes & relax to your favourite country, swing, rock n roll tunes.

Bulls Unplugged on Monday, 6 pm onwards:
RedBull and Opus present Bulls Unplugged nights featuring college bands and upcoming artists from around the city, a super cool College Menu and special discounts on Red Bull drinks!
Click here to check out the Bulls Unplugged facebook group.
Tuesdays 4-Play!
Tuesday nights has become a games / get back to college fest kinda night. Choose from Boggle, Pictionary, Scrabble, Jenga, Taboo and lots more! Prizes courtesy Kingfisher Blue and if you beat the house team you get 15% off your bill.

Bacardi KroaKnight hosted by Sheridan & Venky every Wednesday & Carlton every Sunday, 9 pm onwards at Opus (Palace Cross Road) AND every Tuesday night, 7 pm onwards at Opus, in the Creek (Brookefields):

Opus KroaKnights can change your life! Don’t be fooled by the name or the frog, which is the mascot of KroaKnights. This is a night dedicated to “singers with talent with no place to show off”. Opus has discovered and honed some amazing voices over the years in the city and gives them a place to sing their hearts out and discover their place in the sun.

Click here to check out photos of the Sunday KroaKnight.

What's new on this week!

This week Stanley Pinto gives you a crash course in Jazz music. Get his witticisms, his judgements and his very twisted view on life as he plays jazz the way it should be played. Pure and unadulterated. No Kenny G, no dink dinka dink repetitive nonsense. Tune in to the Sax and Violins Channel on Wednesdays and the C Train Channel on Fridays. 3PM Onwards.
And that’s not all. We’ve got a whole bunch of new shows lined up for you this week! A fresh, new band as always on Bulls Unplugged, an exclusive interview with Soulmate on our Big Fish Section, a brand new Opus Platform Show featuring interviews with the performers of the Ladakh Confluence and The Easy Top 40 Countdown.
ALL of this and MORE on
Check out the all new Youtube Channel, with all the news, views, shows, interviews. Tune in!

To view past few events' pictures:
SOULMATE at Opus in the Creek
Sunday Woodstock 40th Anniversary Special
Booze & Clues at Opus (Palace Cross Road)
Sunday KroaKnight at Opus (Palace Cross Road)

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